Sunday, 10 June 2018

Why You Should Keep Your Office Carpets Clean

As a business owner, the effects of the first impression that your customers or potential clients get when they visit your office can not be underestimated. A neat and well-kept office environment is more appealing and welcoming. Apart from creating trust and instilling confidence right from the beginning, it leaves your client with an impression that you are keen to detail. This is why it is vital to keep noticeable components in your office such as office carpets clean all the time.

If you have just moved to a new office or need to improve the appearance of your work place with focus on the office carpets then there are several things you need to know. Well, this article covers precisely everything you need to know about carpet cleaning.
So, read on to discover more.

Why Is Keeping Your Office Carpets Clean Important?

Despite being the least observed, the effects of having a dirty carpet cannot be ignored. Just like any other business, you need a healthy and productive workforce to steer your objectives. Ensuring you have a clean environment right on your floor is a great way to do so.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should keep your office carpets clean:

• Boosts The Look Of Your Workplace
If your business involves working directly with customers or clients, then your appearance matters a lot. This is because some customers or clients can be turned off by dirty carpets. Even though at times they might not notice a clean carpet, a dirty one hardly goes unnoticed. Little to say, your carpet makes a statement to everyone who comes into your office. By keeping it clean will enhance your reputation and you will create a lasting impression on all your visitors.

• Improve The Work Environment For Your Employees.

Dust is one of the major causes of allergy. If your office carpet is dirty, then there is a high chance that it will trigger allergic reactions from your employees which might affect them from working well. As a result, the employees could be forced to go for sick leaves thus cutting down the workforce. Sniffing and sneezing will also distract them from concentrating on their tasks. This means that the production is likely to be slowed down which impacts your company negatively in the long run. However, performing deep cleaning regularly will be quite helpful in ensuring that your employee’s health remains intact.

• Lengthens The Life Of Your Carpet
If you need to ensure maximum durability of your carpet then keeping it clean is essential. While you might not be able to completely prevent spills on the carpet, cleaning it immediately will prevent stains from developing. Stepping on the carpet with dirt will also destroy its look. However, cleaning it regularly is one of the effective ways of preventing permanent spots and stains. This will enable you to enhance the productive life of your carpet.

• Improves Air Quality
With regular use, carpets will trap dust and other air pollutants such as mold spores which will contaminate the air in your office making it unsafe. High accumulation of these pollutants will affect your worker’s health through allergies. However, with regular cleaning, your carpet will be maintained free of any potential impurities that make the environment safe for your employees.

How Often Should You Clean The Carpet?

Time intervals between cleanings differ with respect to the size of traffic that you experience. This is to say that you might need to clean the carper often if you have massive traffic and less regularly if you have less traffic. Nevertheless, cleaning carpets is essential at least once every month. For heavy traffic, it is approximated that you might need between 1-24 deep cleanings every year, up to 4 times a year for medium traffic areas and twice a year in areas with considerably lighter traffic.

Essential Tips for Office Carpets Cleaning

Accumulation of germs and dirt on your carpet will fasten wear and make cleaning it difficult. However, certain simple strategies can help you keep your carpet in excellent condition and enjoy a prolonged life.

Here are some of the best tips that you can incorporate into your practices to enhance cleanliness:

• Know How To Differentiate Between Spots And Stains
But, aren’t they the same? Well, the only difference between them is time. When something is spilled on the carpet, it forms a spot, and if it is not cleaned correctly, it will develop into a stain. So, you should always blot any affected area using a paper towel that can absorb the spill. Remember, rubbing or wiping alone might not be enough to get rid of the spots.

• Use Appropriate Cleaning Chemicals
Before you start cleaning the carpet, pre-spraying it will ease the removal process. However, failure to mix the chemicals well could result in more damage to the carpet. This is why you should avoid chemicals that might leave your carpet with sticky residues which can accumulate more dirt. Allowing the pre-spray to penetrate before starting the cleaning process will make your work much more manageable. After cleaning it, subject the carpet to proper rising to ensure that no residue is left behind.

• Use The Best Cleaning Equipment
By habitually cleaning your office carpets utilizing a vacuum cleaner, you can significantly cut dust accumulation. However, not all cleaning equipment are excellent; this is why you should use only good performing vacuums. When deep cleaning, ensure that your carpet remains completely dry to the avoid growth of molds which will damage the carpet.

• Pre-Vacuuming Before Staring the Cleaning Process

Apart from vacuum cleaning the carpet daily, it is crucial to vacuum it once more before deep cleaning. This will allow you to get rid of dry solid that accumulates on the carpet over time. With timely response, it is possible to get rid of dirt before it causes more damages through vacuum cleaning.

• Train Your Team Members On How To Clean Properly
Instead of letting your team members clean the carpet on their own, some guidance will ease the process. You only need to make a maintenance plan and supervise them before they master the process.


The appearance of your office carpet affects the reputations of your business. A well-kept carpeting is an indication of professionalism and builds trust among your visitors, while dirty carpeting demoralizes both your employees and visitors. Considering that keeping it clean regularly is not quite tricky, it is the best way to ensure that you portray the right image of your brand. This guidance is handy, and it will help you keep your office carpets clean.