Monday, 12 March 2018

7 Risks for Pets of Not Cleaning Carpets

Most pet owners spend lots of time and money on their pets to keep them healthy throughout their life because they love them very much. For this reason they take care of every possible thing that can cause health problems to their pets. They usually try their best to keep their pets away from such things. Though their efforts are appreciable but sometimes certain basic things are overlooked to be cleaned like dirty carpets in the home etc. Such things can be very detrimental for the health of their pets. If you are searching for the health hazards for your pets due to dirty carpets then you should go through this write-up as some risk for pets of not cleaning carpets are briefly discussed in it.

Digestive problem: One of the main problems caused by not cleaning carpet is the ingestion of decayed food spread over the carpet by the pets. The pet owners will have to face this problem due to their own faults as the food was dropped on the carpet by them and is allowed to decay by not cleaning it as soon as possible. But by eating that decayed food their pets will have to bear serious health problems like vomiting and digestive problems along with several other complications. The homeowners as well as pet owners can avoid such situation by cleaning the carpet as soon as the food is dropped on it otherwise it can also damage their carpet along with causing health problems for their pets.

Skin infection:
actually any kind of dust and dirt on the body of pets can cause skin infection to them. They can get lots of dust and dirt on their body if you have a dirty carpet in your home. This dust and dirt in your carpet can cause various types of skin problems to your pets including infection and irritation etc. after sticking to their skin. Moreover, you cannot keep your pets away from your carpets, whether they are cleaned or not, as they are among their favourite resting spots as they feel more comfortable on them.

Irritation due to bad smell:
When your carpet remains dirty for long time then it emits bad smell which can irritate your dogs and cats more effectively and earlier than humans as their smelling sense is more powerful than humans by nature. Humans may not be able to smell these odours as they have less sensitive smelling sense. Moreover dogs and cats start feeling bad when they smell a rotten or bad odour. This bad smell can also irritate your pets. You may not recognise the actual cause of their irritated behaviour unless you consult an expert in vet problems.

Infectious diseases:
Your pets can get infected with various infectious diseases when they will have to continuously remain in contact with so many bacteria and microbes residing in your dirty carpets. Along with your pets these microbes and bacteria can also infect you with various health problems. But you may not expect any complication from your dirty carpet but your pets can get sick after being infected by your dirty carpets. Most of the pets and pet owners may not want to face such situation in their life time but will have to face unless they clean their carpets well in time.

Like humans pets also get sick after getting infected with some infectious diseases caused by your dirty carpet. They will have to face various complications due to such sickness along with getting hurt badly due to it. You will have to spend lots of time and money on your pets to treat them after getting sick as you will have to take them to vet hospital and buy medications for them. Moreover, in severe cases your dirty carpet can be fatal for your pets as they may die due to infectious diseases caused by it. In this way you will have to bear financial losses in two ways. On one way you will have to spend on treating your pets and on the other on cleaning you carpets to prevent recurrence of the health problem to your pets.

Sometime professional carpet cleaners use chemicals for cleaning dirty carpets but fail in squeezing it out completely and properly. As a result lots of dirt and dust remain in your carpet even if you have got it cleaned. This dust and dirt as well as chemical in your carpet can also cause various types of allergies to your pets. They can also create very complicated situation for your pets as they are more sensitive to the chemicals along with dust and dirt than humans. Thus, it can be said that dirty carpets can also cause various types of complications for your pets.

Infection to pet owners:
Your dirty carpet may not infect you directly. But when you have pets in your home infected by various diseases and complications caused by your dirty carpets then how you can be spared of them. You will also be susceptible to any health problem born by your pet if it is infectious for humans also. In fact, many times initially you may not be able to recognise that your pet is infected by certain infectious disease unless the problem gets aggravated. And by that time you may also be infected with that problem. In such condition you will have to take care of health problem of two units - yourself and your pet. It can also increase health risk for your pets as you may not be able to take care of them unless you get well.

Thus, to avoid such complications and health issues you are strongly advised to always keep your carpets clean as much as possible and as soon as possible. Any delay in cleaning your carpets can cause various health problems especially for your pets as they are more sensitive than you. So, to keep yourself and your pets healthy throughout the life you should clean your carpets regularly and frequently, without waiting for a health problem to come.