Sunday, 24 September 2017

Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

A carpet is one of the very important accessories in your house. More so, carpets are ever noticeable to new people or visitors, so they ought to remain clean to portray a positive image of your house to strangers. One of the most-used and efficient method to clean your carpet is by vacuuming. Deep steam is also a great method that replaces old-fashioned methods such as dry cleaning. Mostly, people prefer hiring a professional to do the cleaning work for them to avoid messing up or doing shoddy work. No matter who you hire to do it, vacuuming on a daily basis is very necessary for your carpet to stay clean.

Due to air pollution, pets and children all over your house, your carpet is always at a great risk of becoming soiled, dull and dirty. A recent medical research carried out in Singapore revealed that some medical conditions such as asthma, common cold, and hoarse voice are greatly contributed to by inhaling such dirt without your consent. To keep your family and pets healthy, you ought to for carpet cleaning options. Professional carpet cleaning is very advantageous, especially in matters of health.

Below is a list of the pros of cleaning your mattress regularly:

- It eradicates dirt stuck in between the carpet layer.
A dirty carpet retains a lot of dirt strains deep in the fiber segments. These strains are usually brought by air, children, and pets. Such dirt comprises of insect allergens, hair, lead, particle pollution, daily dirt, and dust. Also, toxic gases formed in the air can be present in these particles and you can eventually find particles of these gases in between carpet spaces. These particles can only be removed by getting rid of carpet dirt by simply cleaning it.

- It prolongs the lifespan of your fancy carpet.
`Embedded dirt, soils, and other particles are like sandpaper on your carpet. Regular cleaning keeps the carpet fresh, new and presentable, making it last longer. Vacuuming alone, however, does not remove all the particles and dirt stuck in the carpet. Extending the lifespan of your carpet calls for thorough cleaning, more recommendable the professional carpet cleaning process.

- Maintains an attractive and conducive indoor atmosphere

Carpets tend to behave like magnets by attracting and trapping dust, soil, allergens, bacteria and other dirt particles. Failure to clean your carpet on a regular basis leads to accumulation of these pollutants which created an unhealthy atmosphere within your house. Both vacuuming and hot water extraction methods can be used to remove any dust mites, bedbugs and any other insects trapped within the carpet. Other than insects, dust trapped is also cleaned. This cleaning leaves the carpet fresh, reducing the risk of dust-related health conditions.

Many people agree with the fact that stepping on a carpet with shoes leaves some dust on it which upon being blown by gentle wind rises. People within the house inhale the air which may be dangerous to their health. On the other hand, a clean carpet can never be the source of polluted air, making the indoor environment fresh and safe.

- Enhances room appearance

A clean carpet creates a fresh and vibrant atmosphere in the room. Moreover, a stainless and spot-free carpet is always pleasing, whether it is at your home or office. Carpet cleaning does not only entail basic cleaning but also involves treating and thoroughly removing nasty stains and spots from the surface. Such spots are brought by children, pets and minor day to day accidents such as the unanticipated pouring of tea or stew on the carpet. Frequent cleaning prevents your carpet from being dirty, dull and depressing.

- Preserves your carpet’s warranty.
Despite the fact that carpet industry standards recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned on an interval of 6-18 months, a large number of manufacturers dictate that you professionally clean your carpet regularly for the sake of warrant validity. After purchasing a carpet, it is recommendable to check warrant information to know how often you ought to clean your carpet.

- It restores your carpet to its original quality and beauty from time to time.
Other than removing embedded dirt and stubborn stains, as a carpet cleaner, you should aim to restore your carpet’s original quality and beauty. Maintaining the beauty and quality makes your carpet appear new every now and then. The beautiful appearance decorates your room and makes both you and others comfortable in the room.

- It avoids mildew and mold.

Two of the most common carpet invaders are mold and mildew. They often appear when your carpet gets wet and fails to be cleaned immediately. Frequent cleaning prevents the development of these invaders since the carpet does not any chance to get oversaturated. While cleaning, you should also make sure that you do not leave the carpet wet. You can easily dry it using industrial-strength suction power and equipment.

- It saves your time.
Consider the time that you could spend suppose you did not have a carpet. Most time would be consumed while moving furniture and other objects within the room to mob far and hidden corners. Cleaning a carpet, especially by vacuuming saves you a lot of time since you don’t have to move all the furniture within. The carpet acts as a mesh that traps most dirt particles, preventing them from reaching the floor. When cleaning, you only have to suck dirt particles within the carpet instead of reaching all the way to the floor.

However good you are at carpet cleaning, it is always advisable to employ professional cleaning techniques and equipment. This is because a professional cleaner’s equipment is modern and powerful enough to remove unseen contaminants, easing the task and increasing the efficiency of the whole process. There are many professional cleaning companies within Singapore that can aid you with such services. Although these services are a bit costly, you will definitely receive the value of your money since the service is worth it.

Never neglect your carpet to the extent of being dirty and dusty. Embrace carpet cleanliness in your hose and you will not regret it. Start cleaning and keeping good track of cleaning intervals now!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Types Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services have to be professional and up to standard. It is important for you to know that every carpet cleaning service is unique. Every person wants their carpet cleaned and be as fresh as new ones in the shopping mall. When you get your carpet cleaned, you want it to be shiny and spotless. Carpet cleaners in Singapore have to ensure have to ensure your carpet is 100% free of dirt, smell and unwanted stains. Therefore when choosing the best firm to do your carpet you have to ensure you do adequate research, a select carpet cleaner who are equipped with proper cleaning machines to the commercial and residential carpet.Quality carpet care is essential to have your carpet meet your satisfaction. Usually, carpet cleaning involves the use of techniques and advanced technologies. Some of them include:

Deep Extraction
This technique applies for carpets that are heavily solid and have not been washed for the last one year. However deep extraction involves a number of steps to ensure the carpet is cleaned up to standard. Dry vacuuming the carpet to remove particles, spots cleaning to remove persistent spots, using the extraction machine to extract dirty particles and lastly spraying the carpet to protect it from stains and dirt. After deep extraction, the carpet takes one day to dry.

Dry Foam technique
It applies to carpets that have been cleaned regularly. A number of steps are involved in these technique and they include; scrubbing the carpet with dry foam machine, dry vacuuming to remove stains and loose particles when the foam has dried up, lastly spraying a protector that protect the carpet from soil moisture and stains.

One time cleaning
This technique is recommended to both carpets that are washed regularly and those that are haven’t been washed for a long time. It applies to both because there are no machine use. It usually involves the following steps: Applying shampoo to remove dirt, stains, soil, smell and all unwanted materials on the carpets. Then a trip waxing is done to retain the beauty of the carpet at high standard. Floor scrubbing to protect the floor from dirt and stains.

Dry Carpet cleaning
It has been believed over the last decade that carpets have to be cleaned with water and shampoo for them to be cleaned. After the carpet has dried it leaves the chemical component on the carpets and that’s a recipe for re soiling .this has led to emergence of new technologies. It is recommended to use this method for commercial carpets because carpets can be immediately be used. Deep carpet cleaning without using water is the new technological advancement in the carpet cleaning industry and therefore businesses need to consider these service, because it serves them best. A powerful vacuum extracts moisture from the carpet leaving no stains or dirt in the carpets. Dry carpet cleaning doesn’t clean only the top surface of the carpet, a vacuum is extracted in it which extracts all the stains and dirt piled up deep into the fiber of carpets

Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning is another commonly used method for cleaning carpets. It usually uses hot water extraction where it removes the deepest dirt and stains in the carpet. Hot water steams are injected deep into the fibers, a suction extracts the deepest dirt and stains hence removing the moisture components in these carpets. However this method is mostly recommended by manufacturers of the carpets.

Carpet cleaning basically involves removing the stains and dirt components on the carpets. In Singapore it is important to consider the time also taken by the cleaning providers to bring your carpet. However in Singapore there is need to have specialist in carpet cleaning because carpets are affected by high humidity. Their surfaces usually collect allot of musty moisture and dampness that causes the growth of microorganisms on these carpets. It is advisable to choose professionals carpet cleaners in Singapore who will treat your carpet with anti-microbial solutions. These application prevents the growth of bacteria’s and mold beneath the surfaces.

Choose carpet cleaning services in Singapore based on the methods they use. Carpet cleaners in Singapore have to use methods that are suited to Singaporean environment to maintain a healthier and cleaner environment at our homes and offices. Carpet manufacturers requires routine cleaning of your carpet. High humidity in Singapore requires that your carpet is regularly cleaned with hot carbonating extraction equipment. They leave behind no soapy residue, it is a safe treatment and it is not harmful to children, and it is safe for manmade fibers.

These process removes all the dirt and moisture in the carpets and it is an effective professional way of treating your carpets in Singapore. By naturally carbonating carpets, it kills all moisture that may have built up and it ensures your carpets are clean hence a health environment.

Therefore by acquiring a professional carpet cleaner in Singapore you are assured of the following:

- They restore the natural and shiny texture of the carpets, by spraying a carpet protector then the natural status of the carpets is restored.

- No stains at all are left on the carpets.

- By completely carbonating the carpets, there are no germs, molds and bacteria that are left to spread. They are completely eliminated.

- It retains the uniqueness of your carpet and extends the life of the carpet for a couple of years.

- They eliminate all the dust components, and trapped soil in the fibers.

- The carpets are cleaned and become drier, healthier and cleaner


Clean carpets maintains some kind of uniqueness at both residential and commercial areas. They are pleasing and probably long-lasting. They are regarded as healthier than poorly maintained carpets. Therefore it is essential to choose wisely which service provider will maximize your satisfaction. You should note that poorly maintained carpets in Singapore loses their original color due to the high levels of humidity. Bacteria’s forming on the carpets will completely change your carpet and a bad odor when it’s hot. This might be embarrassing especially if you have neighbors visiting you. It is recommended that you regular take your carpet for cleaning to avoid permanent change of color. Commercial carpets require vacuum wash, because after a vacuum wash they can be immediately used without the need to dry up. Therefore you should ensure your business work place is thoroughly maintained to boost health standards of the staff. At home it is hygienic to regularly take your carpet for cleaning to avoid bacteria’s and mold building up on your carpet. Carpet cleaning restores and makes your carpet last for a longer period of time.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Best Way To Do Your Carpeting And House Cleaning

Singapore is a busy city. People spend at least 40 hours in offices and work places. Who is left with the energy to clean their houses and carpets? Home owners are too tired to do home cleaning routines. Therefore, home cleaning services are very crucial. But is it always so easy to choose a cleaner? And why should you prefer a professional cleaner to doing the cleaning yourself? This post will walk you through why hiring a professional cleaner could be the most sensible thing to do and tips to make the right choice.

Why choose a cleaning company for your house or carpet

By a bigger margin, many Singaporean are using cleaning services. You too could join the bandwagon. But why should you prefer professional cleaning services to doing it all by yourself?

· No time to do it yourself: with the daily hassle you are left with no time to doing house chores. Cleaning your house and carpet requires time. If you do not have that time, someone else has. In fact professional can have it done to your satisfaction. This is convenience and you can relax knowing your house and carpet and in the best hands.

· Getting it done the right way: carpet cleaning is not an easy task. You can do it but can you do it the right way? There is the right to carpet cleaning and that is better left to the professionals. Only professionals can do it leaving your carpet sparkling clean and as good as new. You should not gamble your expensive carpet having it done the wrong way. You can save yourself all this trouble by hiring a professional cleaner.

· You need peace of mind: a clean home is a good one to live in. Leaving all the work to the professionals will leave you peace of mind. You can relax at home not worrying about mites in carpets or mould pore in ducts.

· Professionals do it better: you may try hard to clean your house and carpets but you do not have the time or the skills to do it right. Cleaning companies have the time, the resources and this is what they do the best. These processionals only remain in business by doing it better than you can. Their personnel are trained and experience and you can expect nothing but the best.

· Cost effective: take a pen and paper and do the math. Add up the hours you spend in your house and carpet cleaning, the detergents you buy and of course the time of other family members helping you. It is costly. In addition, you do not get it done to perfection. A professional cleaner knows what is at stake and will do a great job. What you pay compared to what you are getting is simply convenience very affordable.

· Extend your carpet’s life: frequent cleaning of your carpet gives it more service life. And not just any other cleaning; it has to be done the right way. If you do not want to be buying a new carpet every now and then, get professionals to take care of it.

Tips to find the best house and carpet cleaning services

There is quite a number of cleaning service providers in Singapore. But that does not mean the first company you come across is the best. You need a search strategy to ensure that you get the best for the job at hand. Here are a few tips to guide you on your search;

· Do your research-be ready to invest some time searching for a good house cleaner. Do not be in a hurry to endorse the first service provider you come across. Have at least 3 options to compare before you can settle on one. Conduct a background research on each option you are considering. Only settle for the best: one who meets your preferences and will get the job done in the best way possible.

· Ask for references-before you make your final choice, a second party opinion would come in handy to ensure that you get the best deal. Past or current customers are better placed to give a true story of their experience with the cleaner. Ask them how they rate the company or individual: what did they like or not like. You will have a pretty good picture to what you are walking into.

· Ask for a demo- this may come across as petty and unnecessary, but asking for a demo house or carpet cleaning is part of a good vetting process. The demo gives you a snap picture of what to expect. If you like what you see you can confidently make a good decision. Seeing is believing so you have to be firm on your request.

· Service price-you will be confronted with lots of options for your cleaning needs. But a good question to ask is: what will it cost you. Is it worth what you are paying? While it is not advisable to go for the cheapest option it is not financially wise to go for the most expensive one. Go for what is pocket friendly and gives you a guarantee of quality job.

· Trained personnel-the reason why you decided to hire a cleaner for your house or carpet is to get a professional service. Do not settle for a compromise on what you real want. It is therefore logical that you to make sure you are hiring trained personnel. You can be sure that you will get the best possible service as long as you critically vet the individuals working on your house and carpet.

· Cleaning procedure-a good cleaning company uses safe cleaning procedure. They also use safe and home friendly detergents. Some detergents can spoil your carpet and leave allergens in your house. For you cleaning to be complete, it has to done the right way with the right tools and detergents.

Your carpet and house cleaning just got easy. You know why a professional cleaning company could be the best decision. You also know your way around finding the best cleaning company. Go out now and get the best cleaner.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Home Carpet Cleaning Benefits

The fact of the matter is, regardless of how aggressive your attempts are to keep your carpet spotless, it is certainly difficult to keep it from dirt. Your carpet will continually fall victim to pet dander, coffee spills, allergens and other types of dirt continually getting caught under its fiber .Some of these dirt is not visible in plain view. Unfortunately, accumulated dirt on your carpet can trigger serious respiratory diseases and skin conditions. Those of us with this knowledge constantly make efforts to vacuum our carpets as consistently as we can so we can free them of all the grime on them.

As much as consistent vacuuming is extremely important and does clear a part of the dirt, the fact remains that it just cleans the two third of the top cover of your carpet. The other third soaks up awful residue; which is the reason behind dreadful smells or discoloring of your carpet. These build-ups can trigger hypersensitivities and brew reproducing zones for pathogens that are unsafe when breathed in. On top of consistent support cleaning in this manner, your carpet will require deep cleaning by highly trained pros on home carpet cleaning in order to discard all dirt in it.

Every single home owner will agree that clean carpets will radiate a great first impression to our visitors. Let’s be real, no one minds a great first impression. Clean carpets will also raise the value of your property in the case that you are looking to sell your home. Clean carpets make your home all the more inviting to potential home purchasers and thus encourage closing of and better property sale deals.

Cleaning your carpet yourself, can be cumbersome. You have to move furniture around, vacuum each carpet, spot treat in case of stubborn stains, empty and fill the tanks, carry around cleaning equipment; it can be a very time consuming process. The purchase of all the cleaning agents, pre-treatment solutions and equipment involved can also be pretty expensive. Unfortunately even after all this effort, you still cannot rid of hundred percent dirt and disease causing factors off your carpet. This is why you need to contract highly trained and experienced pros of home carpet cleaning to help you with deep carpet cleaning. This will save you time and guarantee complete dirt eradication

Singapore experiences high levels of humidity all year long. These conditions encourage growth of mold and mildew and other disease causing organisms on your carpet. Great carpet cleaning administrations are therefore most recommendable for speedy, effective and repetitive carpet cleaning that is highly affordable. Professional pros on home carpet cleaning will offer you only the best and convenient carpet cleaning services for your home. You don’t have to worry about damage for your carpet as pros of home carpet cleaning assess your carpet material and use only safe cleaning detergents while personalizing services to meet your all your carpet cleaning needs.

Let’s explore deeper why it is so important to clean your carpet.

Benefits of cleaning your carpet

Cleaning your carpet makes it stay in great shape for longer
Accumulated dirt will stimulate faster wear and tear of your carpet by weakening it’s fiber as a result of decomposition components. Significant carpet cleaning will get rid of these components preserving its quality and ensuring that it lasts longer and in good shape. You will therefore not need to constantly spend so much money constantly replacing your carpet due to quick tears or weakening.

Cleaning your carpet will make your home look great
Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into your home and get greeted with that warm ’aaah, I’m home’ feeling? Dirty carpets often rob us of that privilege. Clean carpets however look and feel great and will inject an alluring feel to a space. To improve the warmth of your rooms, make certain that carpet cleaning occurs as consistently as necessary. Your rooms will be filled with a fresh vibrancy and a soft warmth that will fulfill both you and your guests.

Cleaning your carpet will discard bad smell off your home
Messy carpets will much of the time discharge awful scents. This is a direct result of hoarding pathogens in the dirt accumulated under the fiber. Bad stench could also be coming from soiling pets’ soiling. However, contracting trained pros of home carpet cleaning will guarantee you that all these infection causing microorganisms will be completely eradicated. The result is that your cover will start to smell great again. If you have inclination to a particular scent, for instance, lavender, you could arrange with the pros of home carpet cleaning to utilize particular cleaning agents that give off that particular fragrance. A nice smelling carpet will diffuse the sweet fragrances to the rooms in which it is spread which in turn will make your house smell great.

Cleaning your carpet reduces the risk for contamination of diseases
Once released into the air, allergens entrenched in in messy carpets can be triggers for serious respiratory illnesses, for instance, asthma, flu, bronchitis, , colds and other conditions related with hypersensitivities. These life forms could also be behind skin contaminations especially on fragile skin. Carpet cleaning offers solid guard against these diseases.

Cleaning your carpet will bring back your peace of mind
Filthy streaks, stubborn stains, smudges and dirt on carpets don’t just stand out but also are really frustrating. These may make you feel panicky when you welcome visitors over to your home .Proper carpet cleaning will guarantee that this worry totally leaves your mind and you will rather kick back and enjoy lovely conversations over vests by friends, family or neighbors.

Regardless of whether you choose to wet clean or dry clean your carpet it is prudent to seek counsel from pros of home carpet cleaning. This is because pros of home carpeting cleaning have better information and gear for more secure and more intensive carpet cleaning action. Undoubtedly, profound carpet cleaning is particularly essential. Timely carpet cleaning will keep you from allergen-incited respiratory diseases, make your home look and feel inviting and restore your peace of mind. Carpet cleaning should therefore be taken up as a priority in every home. Therefore, experienced and trained pros of home cleaning should literally be on each person’s speed dial.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Why Is Regular Carpet Cleaning Important

If we speak about what makes your health great, you will note down three principal things. One is physical fitness, other is wholesome diet plan and last a hygienic atmosphere and cleanliness all around. If the air you breathe in is not clear and it is exposed to dirt particles, then it'll certainly impact your breathing and will result in some complications.

When we speak about cleanliness at house or office, one of the most significant thing which stops any dust particles to enter within the air is carpet cleaning which has becoming very well-liked day by day. This cleaning has to turn out to be on the list of important parts of hygienic ways of living; therefore, you have to not keep away from this under any circumstances.

The primary issue the majority of people today face, once they determine to clean their carpet, is acquiring an expert for this work or perhaps attempting precisely how to perform it on their own. You'll need to have precise thought of cleaning carpet for finest results considering that it is vital for healthy and hygienic living. Below we are going to talk about some of the remarkable guidelines to help you make your carpet new.

First of all, should you be doing carpet cleaning yourself, you can begin with a vacuum cleaner to generate your carpet look like a new. It's indeed an old process but nevertheless numerous people today are practicing it, and they locate it very useful. To start off, take one side from the carpet and expose it towards the pressure produced by a vacuum cleaner. Another way is washing, but there are great chances that your carpet won't be of same looks. In earlier instances, when technology was not advanced, and cleaning machines were not made use of for such purpose.

Presently the top and most effective way of carpet cleaning are to hire an expert cleaning service provider that can not only allow you to clean the carpet thoroughly but will also give quite a few suggestions to make sure it will not gets dirty. You can have machines created particularly to clean the carpet on rent or ask for an expert cleaning service that makes use of it.

When utilizing such machines, you may not have to devote hours on your carpet, rubbing strains and exposing it to the air pressure. For those who believe that cleaning the carpet will not make a difference in its condition, then you may opt for its replacement throughout the home. Having said that, the price you'll be bearing for replacing carpets of your property or office will likely be wonderful.

Some of the cleaning detergents are introduced inside the marketplace especially for carpets that you simply can use, and when washing, they are going to clean it like a new a single.

Furthermore, rather of stressing too much on cleaning, you must try to avoid exposing it to the dust and mud that your shoes may perhaps bring after you come dwelling from outside. Also, execute cleaning following a particular period to help keep your carpet appear new.

Why is Regular Carpet Cleaning Important?

Just as you love to keep your home clean and tidy to please the guests, corporate offices are no different. The only difference being that office appearance matters a lot when it comes to pleasing clients, a gateway to gain big contracts. The way a corporate office looks and maintains its appearance is a great indication of their working philosophy.

A shabby looking room is always a turn-off; it does not matter if it is a household or an office. So do you think that an office can afford to lose out on its appearance, just because of unclean environment? Certainly not and the major culprit in most cases is the carpet kept uncleaned. This calls for commercial carpet cleaning services in Singapore, which helps keep things in order.

Carpets are important components of offices and commercial facilities, and it is necessary to clean them on a regularly . Their fibers trap different kinds of contaminants like dust mites, allergens, dirt, etc. which tend to lower the quality of air of the entire space. There are even several other reasons as to why carpets should be cleaned regularly all the year round.

-Cleaning the office carpet regularly enhances its durability and makes it less vulnerable to damage. It also protects the investment on materials used for covering the floor.

-Carpets trap different types of airborne pollutants which can reduce the indoor air quality. Regular cleaning ensures that the pollutants are removed from them frequently, therefore enhancing the quality of atmosphere of the room.

-The fibers of the material used for making a carpet are of such nature that dry soil, collected from people walking over the carpet with shoes on, get trapped by them for a very long time and contribute to the overall dirt. But cleaning the office carpet thoroughly more often makes it easier for removing the soil particles with vacuuming.

-Accidental coffee or food spills can leave spots or stains on a carpet. These stains and spots tend to attract more pollutants if allowed to remain for too long. However, cleaning the carpet frequently ensures that these spots or stains are removed immediately and prevent further damage to it.

-Wet and moist contaminants can promote the growth of bacteria, allergens, and mildew on a carpet. But with routine home carpet cleaning, one can prevent the build up of such contaminants.

-Clean and properly maintained carpets contribute to the overall appearance of the space. They also help to present a good image of the company or facility in front of customers or clients.

-A dirty and unclean carpet lowers the morale of people working in the room. With tidy and well-maintained carpets, workers within the room feel better about their working environment which, in turn, improves the workforce.

-Dirty carpets often attract bugs and small insects that chew on the carpet fibers and cause damage to it. Cleaning the carpets regularly will prevent these pests from attacking the carpet.

-The warranty provided by most carpet producing companies for carpets require the carpet to be cleaned as often as possible. This helps to maintain the warranty of the carpet.

With the help of professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore, maintain a healthy and motivating work environment in your commercial premise and create a good impression of your business on clients.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Choosing The Right Carpet Cleaning Company For Your Office Carpet

Your office is the heart of your company/organization. With that in mind, it is very important to ensure that your office is always neat and presentable. Customers and investors cannot waste even a fraction of their time on a company that has a disorganized office. 

With that being said, it is very important to ensure that your office carpet is well cleaned at all times. This is because carpets are prone to dust and other harmful bacteria that can cause problems to your health. These harmful bacteria can cause allergens and other respiratory diseases that can make you feel uncomfortable in the office.

There is no other solution for that other than cleaning your office carpets regularly. Carpet cleaning is not all about washing and rinsing your carpets. It needs to be handled professionally so as to avoid wearing it down. This cannot be handled without the aid of a professional carpet cleaner. A professional carpet cleaner will be able to wash your office carpet by using the right chemicals and techniques to bring the best out of your carpet.

In this article, I'm going to emphasize on the importance of cleaning your office carpet, and some of the main tips on finding the ideal carpet cleaning professionals to work on your office carpets. One of the common ways of cleaning your office carpet is by means of dipping it into a Fahrenheit (200 degrees) hot water. Carpet cleaning companies opt for this option mainly because it is not harmful to you and your co-workers, plus it is environmentally friendly as compared to some of the commercial bleach and detergent in the market.

It is very important for you to choose the best carpet cleaning company that will be able to handle your carpet professionally and get your money’s worth. Before hiring any carpet cleaning company, here are some important tips you need to consider when choosing one.

Conduct A Small Research About The Company 
One thing that you need to know is that different carpet cleaning companies do not work the same. Different companies offer different levels of services depending on where you are located in Singapore. So before hiring a professional to clean for you, make sure to do your small research about the company. Read some reviews about the company to ensure that it is fully certified and authorized to meet the set of carpet cleaning standards. Have a look at their website, verify their profile and check if they have verifiable contact numbers and physical address. This will help you direct your complaint or inquiry without much of a struggle. When they come to clean your office carpet, it is recommended to ask them for their government certifications like sanitary permit, tax remittance proof or their business permits just for clarification.

When it comes to pricing, most of us like going for cheaper companies that claim to offer quality cleaning services, but in reality that's not the case. If you want quality service for your carpet, its good to avoid going for a company that offers cheap services. This is because there’s a high possibility that it will not reach your expecting results. Extremely low pricing services will mostly lead to shoddy work. This doesn't mean that expensive companies offer the best services. In fact, some of them charge a higher fee, but their services are poor. Choose a company that has a good reputation, is pocket friendly, but still uses top-quality services and equipments.

Only a professional carpet cleaner knows the importance of using the right amount of deodorizers and sanitizers on your office carpet. This is done after the cleaning process in order to increase your carpet’s level of hygiene and on top of that will leave your carpet smelling good and fresh. A low quality company will likely perform low quality service and will leave your carpet with a bad smell.

It is also very important to make sure to ask them these following questions before hiring the cleaning company.

What’s the method used for cleaning the carpet? 

The duration 
- Are the workers properly trained and equipped for carpets clean-up purposes?
- What tools and equipment are they using?
- Is there any type of agreement offered by the cleaning company?

Compare Costs 
Don't just pick a company that you've come across with. There is a high possibility that they won't offer the quality of service you're looking forward to. They can also be costly, especially if you have not hired any cleaning company before. Try to compare two or more companies around your area and the quality of service they offer. This will give you a great opportunity to select the one that is pocket friendly and will perfectly suit your needs. Comparing different carpet cleaning companies will also enable you to avoid hiring carpet cleaning scams

Ask About Their Services 
Before hiring any company, always ensure to ask what kind of services they'll offer to your office carpet. This is because most companies do not charge the same price they advertised with. The price is likely to go up and will cost you more due to their extra services. As a customer, you need to know what the extra costs might be and how they charge. As you call them, ensure to ask what is included in that quoted price and why. Are they going to move furniture for you? Which areas are they going to clean? Do they charge an extra fee for cleaning the floor and stairs etc.

If you feel like the company charges a lot for their services or they they do not offer the quality of service you are looking for, then consider hiring a better one. Do not by any chance allow a company that doesn't offer what you're looking for to work for you. Always go for a reliable company that offers realistic and good services.

Once you have chosen the best professional cleaners, it is also important to reach out to their manager so as to discuss your expectations and have a clear understanding of their service. This will also help to build trust and you will be more assured that you will receive good service that will be worth your money.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

As much as we would like out carpets to remain clean 24/7, it is practically impossible. Despite all the efforts in keeping it clean, dirt will eventually come for different reasons -maybe from stepping on it, spilling and staining. It is the reason a carpet requires to be cleaned regularly to maintain their look. It is a fact that a clean carpet adds value and authenticity to your home or office. But how clean your carpet is equally important- you should apply some of the most effects cleaning methods. Here are 10 of the best Carpet cleaning tips and tricks you can use.

• Vacuum regularly
Every time you step on the carpet, you leave some dirt behind. Since it is not possible to deep clean you carpet regularly, you need to have a way through which you can be removing this dirt regularly to keep it looking nice. This is where regular vacuuming is recommended. A vacuum cleaner will pick dust and debris thus keeping your carpet looking good always. The frequency at which you vacuum will be dictated by how much the carpet is used. If you are a bachelor, doing it a week will enough. If you have a large family and pets, do it at least thrice a week.

• Deal with spills immediately
Be very careful with spills. It is easy for them to become stains if they are not treated immediately. The secret to keeping your carpet clean for a longer time is dealing with any spill straight away. The best way to deal with them is soaking it with a dry sheet or using the carpet cleaner before it soaks in. You must also be wary of how clean it. The worst that you can do to your carpet is trying to rub off the spill. This will drive it further into the carpet making it hard to clean and may result into a stain.

• Use the right solution
Use of the wrong solution is a common mistake in carpet cleaning. For the carpet to be cleaned properly, the right solutions must be employed. In many cases, the manufacturer will recommend the right solution to be used. Most of the suggested solutions are manufactured specifically for those carpets. Most people will be tempted to go for cheaper solutions that are poorly manufactured. Others may opt to go for homemade solutions. These solutions are likely to damage the carpet either by fading or tearing it with time. Some may leave behind a foul odor even after rinsing several times.

• Test for solution’s colorfastness first
If it is the first time to clean with a solution, it is important to test its colorfastness first. Some solutions can destroy your carpet mostly by fading its color. You need to check out if the carpet color will be affected by the solution. Start by cleaning small area first and see how the detergent works. You may also use a white towel to rub the carpet to find out if there will be any color on it. If at all there will be even small traces of carpet’s color on the towel, you should avoid using that solution since it will fade the carpet. It is also likely to lower the lifespan of your expensive carpet if used.

• Pre-treat if necessary
If you don’t clean your carpet regularly, pre-treating it before actual cleaning will be required. Sometimes the carpet may be extremely dirty and intensely stained for regular cleaning. Pre-treating helps in soaking the stain and dirty for easy remove. You need to apply the pre-treatment solution on the heavily stained or soiled areas and allow it to soak in for a moment. This will make it easy for the cleaning exercise and save on the cleaning solution used. It is also worth noting that pre-treating reduces wear and tear associated with the vigorous scratching of the carpet on heavily stained areas.

• Blot the stain
Another mistake that people commit while cleaning stains on the carpets is rubbing. Blotting is the best way of dealing with stains. Vigorous rubbing is likely to increase the chances of stain spreading into the surrounding carpet fibers. This will definitely affect the lifespan of your carpet negatively. By blotting, you will be dealing with the stain using an absorbent material without spreading it to other areas of the carpet. The best way of blotting a stain is by working from the outside to the outside of the stain. It makes it impossible for the stain to spread over the carpet.

• Avoid excessive water
Though the use of water is necessary for carpet cleaning, you must be very careful with its quantity. Use as little water as possible or it will extremely hard to dry the carpet. If you are hiring the cleaning equipment, minimize the use of water as much as you can. If the carpet becomes saturated, it will cause pretty horrible odor due to decay and growth of mold. Make sure that the amount of water used will be easy remove and dry the carpet once cleaning is done.

• Start furthest from door
Where do you start cleaning from? Some may start from the center or areas that are heavily soiled or stained. It is advisable to start from the furthest corner of the door. The reason behind this is to ensure that you won’t walk on areas that are already cleaned. Otherwise, you will be doing nothing. It is also important to that you need to do your cleaning in overlapping straight lines for a thorough cleaning. Use of parallel strokes with a carpet cleaner allows for small overlap that helps to prevent streaking.

• Heat wax
Wax is one of the notorious debris you have to deal with when cleaning a carpet. They are easy to remove if you use the right method and likewise difficult if wrong cleaning method is used. Heating is the best way of removing candle wax. You first remove the larger debris by the use blunt object and use the heat for the rest. Iron is the best tool to use. Put a piece of cloth on top of the wax and run the iron on top of it and the wax will come out. It is that easy.

• Deep clean after some time
To keep you carpet clean and looking new, deep cleaning after some time will be necessary. It is also important to hire a profession to do this for you. If you have been doing the cleaning yourself, know that you cannot do it professionally as it is required. Professional carpet cleaners have the best equipment and skills to give your carpet a new life. Deep cleaning ensures that the carpet is restored to its original look. It is like rejuvenating you carpet.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Effective Ways In Carpet Cleaning.

There are different methods for cleaning your carpet in Singapore. It can be hard to find the most effective way since there are a lot of different kinds of carpets. This short article provides some highly effective methods of cleaning carpet.

For regular cleaning in Singapore, a tried and tested way is by using a mild carpet shampoo. Some carpet shampoos which contain harsh substances are only to be used in the event of quite a heavy staining. In this procedure, you only have to apply a sufficient amount of the carpet shampoo or solution on the carpets to form the foam. The foam soaks up the dust and dirt. Just leave the foam to dry and when it dries it then becomes brittle and therefore separates itself from the carpet fibers hence anybody will just quickly clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to collect the residues. It is said that shampoo cleaning is one of the most common methods in carpet cleaning since anybody can just do it by themselves with just the use of carpet shampoo and vacuum. However, one should be cautious in purchasing the proper shampoo cleaner since some strong shampoo may just cause permanent damage to carpets.

Carpets serve many applications in our households, from floor insulation to covering unfinished flooring underneath to elevating the aesthetic quotient of the area. It is a common thing that carpet gets damage over several time. Heavy foot traffic causes the carpet to be vulnerable to stains. Moreover, domestic pets and children are often responsible for making your carpet dirty. Carpet cleaning solutions are exactly what you'll need at that time. These solutions are specially formulated considering the fabric of the carpets.

Maintenance of a carpet takes time and loads of effort and is not so easy to keep your carpet in the same tip-top condition. Vacumming your carpet is not sufficient enough as carpets need a deep cleaning. People are very concerned when spots and spills and even pet hair soil their carpets. To revitalize the look of the carpet, reduce its wear and tear and also extending the life of the carpet we need to deep clean the carpets every twelve to eighteen months depending upon the cleaning procedures that have been recommended by the carpet manufacturer or the retailer.

If a person is attempting to deep clean the carpet at home, he needs to select a good carpet shampoo, and then follow the direction for its applications to the core. You should always be aware as not to use soap, laundry, and dishwasher detergents or any other soap liquids or household cleaners. First, we need to vacuum the carpets thoroughly before applying any carpet solution. Pre-cleaning solutions are available as they loosen the stains and soil on the carpet before the actual cleaning process.

Deep cleaning of the carpets is not a thing that is recommended to be done at home. So the best solution is to hire professionals for these jobs. You can get in touch with your friends or family members or even the carpet retailer to find you the best professionals. Lastly, you can always search the Internet to do your search. Professionals use five different methods to clean the carpets each one having its advantages and disadvantages. You should take proper advice from the professional you hire as to what would be the best method for deep cleaning your carpet.

The first method, which is, dried out removal clean-up use a porous mix, which contains special detergents and the solvents, which are then infused in the carpet fiber with particularly planned machines. These solvents act like tiny magnets, which attract dirt, oil stains and soil from the carpet fibers. Vacuuming then removes the dirt and oil stains that have been loosened by these compounds is the best method for sturdy fibered carpets and mostly all synthetic carpets. It is also suggested for conventional fiber like the fur and yarn, which be supposed not to be bare to extreme moisture.

The second method, which is known the dried out foam extraction method, uses foam, which has been created by a special detergent, which is applied to the carpet; this foam is worked into the carpet with machines that are specially designed for this purpose. The foam used is very much drier than a saturated solution and is also very less dense, and then this foamy solution is removed by through wet vacuuming.

The third method is the Hot water extraction technique: This is known as the steam cleaning which a person can carry out at home. First, you have to condition soiled areas of carpet and then make use of particularly designed hot water extraction machine to infuse cleaning solution in the carpet. This will help in removing and loosening of the dirt, oil stains and soil from the carpet. You should always use caution when applying this method so that the carpet does become overly saturated resulting in its discoloration due to moisture content.

The Rotary shampoo method is the classic carpet cleaning technique machine that has rotary brushes injects the cleaning solution into the carpet, which helps in loosening the soiled, and the stained surface of the carpet. Then soil is then removed by through vacuuming.

The Absorbent pad method is the last carpet-cleaning method that should not be done by untrained people, and professional help should be taken. A Specially designed machine is used for removing the soil. This Machine has absorbent spin pads that can absorb soil from the carpet. This pad remains saturated with the cleaning solution so that no damage occurs to the carpet pile. The pads are changed regularly so that the carpets are not soiled.

To keep the beauty of your carpet and also to add more years always check the recommendations provided by the carpet manufacturer, the cleaning equipment manufacturer and also the carpet-cleaning professionals. Your carpet should always be cleaned with the right deep cleaning method to keep its shine and beauty intact. So to preserve your carpets in the long run follow the above procedures without fail.