Tuesday, 12 April 2016

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Carpet Cleaning Chemical

It is not as difficult as such to clean your carpet. However, it can be tricky at some point, especially if you are using a carpet cleaning chemical. The chemicals for cleaning the carpet are used to make the stains on the carpet come out easily. Not only do they get rid of the stain and other dirt on the carpet, but they also help to give the carpet a nice smell. When using these chemicals, some people tend to make some faults, which end up to be costly both to them and to the carpet.
Here are some of the common mistakes that are made by people when they are using the carpet cleaning chemicals;

1. Using The Wrong Product
When you are out in the market to look for a cleaning chemical for your carpet, you will need to know that not every stain on the carpet will be removed in the same strategy. You should also know that there are multiple of carpet cleaning products out in the market. For that, you must ensure that you choose the right chemical to remove a particular stain. For instance, if you have a coffee stain on the carpet, it will be removed easily using vinegar or alcohol. Technically, you must ensure that you are using the right product or chemical to remove the particular stain that is on the carpet. It doesn’t mean that you need to understand all the chemicals that are out on the market and know the one that you should use. However, you can contact a professional to guide you in finding the right chemical to use.

2. Not Testing The Chemical
A common mistake that people make, is using a particular chemical without being aware of its results or effects of the carpet. It is always advised to know what the chemical could do to your carpet, prior to cleaning with it. You can select a section of your carpet, mostly on the ends, where it is not mostly visible. This can be a section that is mostly covered with the furniture or at the furthest corner of the room. You can then test and see the possible effect of the chemical. Alternatively, if you have a carpet cleaning company, you can ask them to try out the chemical for you, before you can buy it. It is better to know what could be the possible impacts the chemical on your carpet.

3. Using Deodorizing Powder For Cleaning
Too many people use a deodorizing powder to clean their carpets in the hope of having a clean and fresh smelling carpet. On the contrary, these powders will not get rid of stain or dirt from the carpet. They have not been designed to remove stains or the dirt, rather, they will only remove the bad odors from the carpet. For that, you should also use them when you have completely cleaned the carpet. Basically, these powders will only give your carpet a nice smell. But they should not be used frequently or in large amounts. If they are too much on the carpet, it can be difficult for the carpet to suck out all the powder.

4. Mixing The Chemicals
Another mistake that people make is that they mix chemicals, with an aim of getting a stronger solution. This is a very disastrous mistake, which can affect the carpet and the person as well. When two chemicals are combined, the strength is doubled and a strong solution is formed. As a result, a new chemical will be formed, which will start to perform on the fibers of the carpet. This will deteriorate the fibers and it can also change the color of the carpet. For that, do not mix the chemicals at any point. The chemical can also produce a strange smell, which might stick to the carpet.

5. Mixing The Chemicals Without Gloves
You might think that the normal bleach is harmless to the hand of any other chemical, but too much use of them can severely affect the skin. When you mix the chemicals without the right gloves, then you will have serious burns on the hand within a while. There are some that are instant on the skin, which will cause a burning effect immediately you touch them. For that, you must ensure that you use your gloves whenever you are using a carpet cleaning chemical.

6. Using Too Much Chemical To Remove A Stain
There are some people who tend to believe that if they use a certain chemical in excess, then they can get rid of the stain easily. Well, this might be true at some point, but there is something that comes with it. Usually, there is a certain limit of concentration that is recommended for the cleaning chemical. If you use the chemical in a higher concentration, it might will get rid of the stain. However, it will keep working on the carpet, which will end up changing the color of the carpet and eating up the fabric. For that, only use a specified concentration of the chemical.

7. Not Cleaning Out The Chemical Completely
Another mistake that is made by people is when they fail to wash out the chemical completely from the carpet. Whichever cleaning method that is being used, the chemical must be thoroughly cleaned out. Usually, if you leave the chemical in the carpet, it will slowly eat up the strands of the carpet. This will make the carpet to wear out faster. Also, when you clean the carpet again, it will have some bit of chemical that had been used earlier. This will gradually pile up the chemicals in the strands of the carpet. For that, ensure that all the chemical has been washed out.


To avoid all the common mistakes when using a carpet cleaning chemical, you can always contact a professional. Certified cleaning company can help you avoid such mistakes and also, they will advise you on the best chemicals to use on your carpet. All in all, ensure that you know the component and the impacts of a particular chemicals before you can use it on your carpet. This will help you to save money and preserve your carpet.