Thursday, 2 April 2015

6 Worst Mistakes People Make In Office Carpet Cleaning

It’s everyone’s desire to maintain a clean carpet and the key maintaining such a carpet is through cleaning it. You can have the best intentions when cleaning your carpet but you can make some mistakes which may actually make the situation worse than it was. When you are aware of the worst mistakes people make in carpet cleaning then you can achieve good results. As the common quote goes, prevention is better than cure’’. 


Below are 6 worst mistakes people make in carpet cleaning:

1. Scrubbing spills out
Many people often make the mistake of hitting the ground to scrub the carpet each time juice box or glass of wine topples over. What scrubbing does is untwist the carpet fibers, making the pile to get distorted and the damage it causes is permanent. This means that even though you will be able to finally remove the stain from the carpet, you will never be able to fix the untwisted fibers. The best way to get rid of the stain is to first scrap up what is possible with a spoon and then blot that part using a clean white paper tower or a cloth until the area is dry. After this you can treat the spot using a stain remover, however, it is advisable to first pretest the product in a hidden area to ensure that it will not make your carpet fade its color.

2. Cleaning the carpet only when it is extremely dirty
This is the most common worst mistake that many homeowners make. A carpet is supposed to be cleaned on a regular basis as the carpet fibers draw dust particles during the day. The carpet fibers can absorb too much dirt that may not be noticeable to the homeowner, especially if the carpet is dark-colored. When the carpet is not cleaned frequently, dust and dirt particles will accumulate and eventually the quality of the carpet will deteriorate. So, if you fail to act immediately the carpet seems dirty, then most probably the carpet fibers will absorb the dirt and this may make it very hard to remove some stains. In addition, if the liquid that has spilled on your carpet is acidic in nature, it can wear away the carpet fibers. Therefore, it is crucial to act immediately regardless of the kind of dirt your carpet is prone to.

3. Using the wrong carpet cleaning product
At present, there are various types of carpet cleaning products in the market. Each product is meant for a specific purpose. It is crucial to first read the label of any product and carry out thorough research about it on the internet before buying or using it. Most laundry cleaning products are known to cause harm to the carpet as they are made up using powerful chemicals that are particularly inappropriate for carpet cleaning. Many people think that using too much cleaning agent will make the carpet cleaner. However, this is just wasting the product and it can eventually create a smelly build-up in your carpet, which can be very difficult to remove. Always make sure you use the recommendable amount indicated on the label of the cleaning product. Follow the instructions correctly and save your money as using too much product can make you use a lot of money.

4. Cleaning the carpet too often
This is another worst mistake that many people make when cleaning the carpet. It is not recommendable to clean your carpet every week as it can harm your carpet. This is worse when you use aggressive cleaning techniques as they can be destructive to the carpet fibers. Moreover, cleaning the carpet too often makes it fade its color as well as decreases its ability to decorate the home. Therefore, you should avoid cleaning your carpet too often to prevent this.

5. Failing to re-examine new cleaning agents
The worst carpet cleaning mistake people make is to make use of new cleaning agents on their carpet without re-examining them first. Am not saying it’s bad to explore new products, but it is important to first examine the product to make sure they cannot harm your carpet. It is always advisable to first pretest new cleaning solutions or detergents before using them to clean your carpet. All you need to do is test the new product on a small, hidden part of the carpet to find out whether it is appropriate for your carpet.

6. Failing to hire a professional in carpet cleaning
Many people think that using a professional to clean their carpets can be really expensive. However, this is not the case and sometimes cheap can be expensive too. It is advisable to use professional cleaning services if your carpet is prone to regular stains or if you have a crucial event and want to keep your home very tidy as they will help you remove all stains, dirt and apparently permanent odors. You can give your carpet a great look by using professional carpet cleaning services.

However, it is crucial to carry out a thorough research about the cleaning companies so as to make sure that you hire the best cleaning service provider. This is because all carpet cleaners claim to provide the best services whereas as some maybe scam and others may not even have the skills to clean the carpet properly. Hiring a substandard professional carpet cleaning service provider might end up causing more harm to your carpet and hence, you should never rush to hire one that you don’t know very well about. When looking for the best carpet cleaning firm, it is crucial to employ one with an established track record as this is a proof of the quality of service to anticipate.

In conclusion, many homeowners uses the carpet as a major feature to decorate their homes and hence it need to be properly maintained. Usually, homeowners use the carpet to create a comfortable feeling around their home. Thus, it is crucial to properly clean your carpet as it has a great impact on how your house will look. A clean carpet impressively enhances the freshness of your home environment.