Monday, 30 March 2015

6 Useful Carpet Stain Removal Tips

It is quite normal that in every house or office where a carpet is used, they are bound to face instances where the carpets get stains. Carpet stains are a normal occurrence no matter how prudent everyone gets when carrying out their day to day activities. The stains could be caused by a number of factors and they are all of a different nature. It is therefore important for one to get to know various carpet stain removal techniques and procedures. This will always come in handy whenever a stain is noted on the carpet. It greatly saves on costs associated with getting a new carpet as well as ensures that the carpet looks clean at all times giving the home or office a presentable look. Below are some of these valuable tips on removing carpet stains.


Before delving into cleaning the stains on your carpet, there are some basics that you ought to consider. It is important to first of all understand that there are several ways of cleaning stains and not all stains can be removed using the same procedure. Once a stain develops, it ought to be washed within the shortest period of time possible, this is logical in that the more the stains sit on the carpet, the more tough they will be to remove during stain removal. It is also essential to ensure that at the first instance of spotting a stain, it should not be rubbed at as this forces the stain deeper inside the carpet. It is always advisable to blot the stain rather than rubbing it as blotting it makes it easier to remove. Carpet stains should also not be removed against the fiber of the carpet as this can only make the situation at hand worse.

First Steps

Immediately a stain on a carpet is noted, there are some steps that you can start with before getting to the carpet stain removal proper. The first thing to do when faced with a stain on your carpet is undertaking some steps below of a tried-and-found-true method of stain removal from carpets. They are:
• Mixing a cup of water that should be warm with one or two tablespoonful of a dish detergent that has its pH balanced and well-blended ingredients. This solution should then be applied on the stained patch by gently blotting it.
• Combining a two-third full cup bearing warm water with a cup full of white vinegar and then applying it onto the stain and leaving it put for some minutes. After that use paper towels that should be clean to blot it away gently.
• You should then repeat these steps until you are satisfied that the stain is gone completely and then the paper towels can be placed on the area to ensure that it dries out completely. 
• In some instances, you could resort to using paper towels to blot the satin away until it gets dry enough to be removed by any other technique. 
However, these first steps cannot apply in some instances where the type of stain requires a special consideration or technique in order for it to be efficiently cleaned.

Using Detergents

Detergents are the laundry companions found in most homes. They come in various forms that is liquid, powder and some can be considered as heavy duty. These detergents are useful in removing stains from carpets due to their cleaning capability whereby they are mixed with water and then used to clean various stains on carpets. Detergents could be used to clean off stains like blood, tea, coffee, urine, curry, juices and cooking oil stains. They are very useful as they restore a stained carpet back to its pristine condition due to their cleaning ability brought about by the reactions of the various cleaning chemical compounds that are used in the manufacture of detergents.


In removing some types of carpet stains, you may use a vacuum cleaner. However, in order to remove a stain via vacuuming, you ought to use a vacuum that has both the dry and wet capabilities in order for the stain removal process to be effective. This method is effective as the as the suction is able to pick up the mess without the possibility of driving it deeper into the fabric. The carpet also gets douses with cleaning water making it easier to remove the stain a little at a time.

Dry Cleaning

Using some dry cleaning agents that are capable of removing stains on carpets due to their solvent properties is another great technique of removing carpet stains. The best thing about this method is its ability to save on the amount of labor required in carpet stain removal. There are several dry cleaning machines that make this work easier and efficient as well.

Natural Stain Removers

Carpet stains can also be removed using natural stain removers like baking soda and vinegar. In the preceding paragraphs of this article, it is clear about how stains are removed by use of natural stain removers. These natural stain removers are able to remove stains as they possess solvent properties that expedite the removal of several types of stains on different surfaces carpets included. They are mixed with water and then applied on the stained areas before using paper towels to remove the stains.

Plain Water and a Cloth

Sometimes when dealing with carpet stains, simplicity can go a long way in ensuring that you get the stain completely removed. Simple carpet stains can be removed by simply using plain water and a piece of cloth or some paper towels. One ought to ensure that they pat the stain using the piece of cloth and never rubbing the stain. Patting picks the stain out albeit slowly but at the end of the day the carpet quality is not compromised by using this simple yet effective technique. 

Using Carpet Shampoo

As harsh bleaches have been found to cause a slight or strong discoloration on the part of the carpet that had a stain, it is advisable to turn to a mild carpet shampoo when cleaning your carpet off a stain. One ought to apply a little amount of carpet shampoo on a cloth and then gently dab the stained part of the carpet. This will; remove the stain slowly but it is a sure method of removing carpet stains. After removing the stain, one may finish off the stain removal exercise with a carpet shampoo in the form of a dry foam to give the carpet a nice finish.

All the above are several techniques that can be used for carpet stain removal. It is important to ensure that you utilize the best and most effective removal technique when cleaning your carpets. Care should also be taken in order to avoid spoiling the carpet quality in the name of removing stains by ensuring that high standards of care are maintained all the time.