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Why We Are The Leading Carpet Cleaning Specialist in Singapore?

Find a good carpet cleaning specialist in Singapore is not as easy as finding a shopping mall or reputed school for your kids. In fact carpets whether used in a household or a commercial establishment require frequent cleaning, depending upon the amount of footfall on them, to maintain their freshness and hygiene. It is normally impossible for a single person to clean carpets as they accumulate considerable amount of dirt and dust that can cause pollution not only in the home or office but also in the entire environment of the city. So it becomes necessary to find specialist company for accomplishing the task perfectly.


While finding a professional carpet cleaning specialist in Singapore you must keep in mind that the company you choose must be able to complete the job hygienically and perfectly to maintain the sanctity of the environment as well as the carpet. In this situation we can be the best choice for you in Singapore as carpet cleaning specialist company.

We know about the health problems caused by using dirty and unclean carpets including breathing problems and asthma etc. So we specialise in cleaning your mattresses and sofa along with the carpets to provide you healthy environment in your home or office. We try our best make your carpets completely pollutant, dirt and bug free to make them healthy and clean when you hire us for this purpose.

Another reason to hire us as carpet cleaning specialist is that we hire experienced and professional cleaners available in Singapore in our company. on behalf of our trained cleaners we provide our services residential as well as commercial and social establishments where hygiene is very important factor like shops, shopping malls, condos, educational institutes and stores etc. Before taking up your carpet cleaning job we visit at your premise to understand the issues and find out the measures to resolve them to make an estimate and designing the contract accordingly. In this way we start cleaning your carpets after your approval.

We are considered as a leading carpet cleaning specialist in Singapore as we specialise in using shampoo cleaning and steam cleaning of your carpets and rugs along with other basic cleaning methods at any location. We soak the carpet in hot water for 6- hours and dry it while steam cleaning them. On the other hand while cleaning the carpets dry we remove the pollutants and dirt particles from them without wetting them by using biodegradable materials. In this way we can clean your entire place without disturbing its environment. There could not be any better way to clean.


We also succeeded as leading carpet cleaning service provider as we are trusted by our since several years. Most of our previous customers refer us to their family and friends due to our dedication towards our services as we offer our best services at the most reasonable price in the market. If you check with our previous customers then it will help you in comparing our prices and quality of work before hiring us for this purpose. People also trust on us due to our quick response to your calls and emails as we value our customers.

Though on the grounds of reasons given in this write-up it can be said that we are the leading carpet cleaning specialist in Singapore but there are certain other reasons which also support us to be the best in this regard. These reasons are briefly described here under for your consideration.

Use environmental friendly techniques:
We as the leading carpet cleaning company in Singapore as we use environment friendly techniques to maintain the sanctity of the environment of this earth as well as of your premise. We use gentle carpet cleaning products and eco-friendly methods to make the fibres of your carpet toxin and pollutant free. Thus by engaging our services you can be stress free about the healthy and safe cleaning of your carpet as we preserve your environment along with maintaining the freshness of your carpet.

Consideration of your budget:
We take care of you budget by not only cleaning your carpets perfectly within your budget but also eliminating the necessity to replace them very frequently. In fact carpets are not inexpensive. You can use them for long time say many years if they are maintained properly by cleaning frequently. If you do not clean them regularly then you may need to replace them even after one year. Thus by hiring us as the carpet cleaning specialist you can save lots of money you need to spend on replacing your carpets regularly. Our experts can maintain the new and fresh looks of your carpet at very affordable cost.

Provide protective covers for the carpets:

The carpets used at commercial and public places usually deteriorate very soon due to large amount of footfall on them. They need regular cleaning as dirt and pollutants collect on them at much faster speed. This frequent cleaning can also damage the fibres of these carpets even if they are cleaned very gently with delicate cleaning agents. In order to manage this problem we as carpet cleaning specialist offer shield cover for your carpets, unlike other carpet cleaning companies, to protect them from accumulating dirt fast and prevent their frequent cleaning. In this way you will not only increase the life of your carpets but also save money required for cleaning them frequently.

Save time:
The cleaning of carpets is a time consuming process but we can save your time if you hire us for this purpose. We save your precious time by removing the grease and stains along with dirt and pollutants completely from your carpets. You can use this time in more productive manner.

In this way, on the basis of the factors discussed in this write up we are known as leading carpet cleaning specialist in Singapore. We lead others as we not only value our customer but also try to provide them better services than before every day. we leave no stone un-turned to satisfy our customers.



Monday, 14 December 2015

What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Carpet Cleaning?

Planning to clean those dirty carpets in your home? Carpet cleaning is one of the most important routines in homes that should not be ignored. Due to continuous use, dirt and debris seeps deep down into the fibres, and even harmful micro-organisms can make the material their home. This can significantly cut down on the lifespan of the rugs, pose serious health risks to the occupants of a home, affect indoor air quality and lead to mold growth among others. Thankfully, all these can be avoided by regularly and properly cleaning the material. Here’s a look at some of the top kept secrets about carpet cleaning.

1. Don’t rub stains
Rubbing stains can cause them to become deeply embedded into the material or else spread. Moreover, it can make the fibres to become weak, therefore cutting down on the lifespan of your carpets. Instead, you should carefully dab stains with a clean cloth, sponge or paper towel dipped in cleaning solution. Blotting puts a very small amount of pressure on stains to soak them up and get the spot clean. Make sure to do this to the stain inward rather than outward to avoid spreading the stain.

2. Deal with spills immediately
To keep your rugs clean, always work on spills as soon as they occur. This will prevent them from drying up and becoming much harder to remove. Use water for most of the spills, but you can also consider using white vinegar. Here’s how to rid spills with vinegar:

· Scoop all solid matter from the spill. For liquids, press a towel/washrag over the spill to soak all of it.
· Spray or lightly pour straight vinegar over the area.
· Carefully blot up the spot with a clean cloth.
· If necessary, reapply the vinegar and blot repeatedly until the spill is completely removed.

If these don’t work, you should consider getting a cleaning product. There are a range of products on the market for these cleaning tasks and all you need to do is to select one for the exact spill you’re cleaning up. However, you should only use mild solutions to avoid damage to the fibres. Only use strong products for very stubborn spills.

3. Vacuum frequently 
Regularly vacuuming your carpets will help keep them dust and debris-free, ensuring a healthy indoor environment. Get a quality vacuum cleaner and make sure to follow the directions of the manufacturer. When done vacuuming, be sure to empty the filters as well as vacuum bags. Remember to go over the rug from different directions to make sure the machine picks up as much debris. Rugs in high-traffic areas should ideally be vacuumed about thrice a week.

4. Heat up wax 
When a candle is burning, wax can drip onto the material and quickly dry, becoming firmly embedded. Try to heat it up before attempting to remove it ─ this will make the task a lot easier for you. Place a white, clean cloth over the iron and then carefully place the machine on top of the stain to heat it up. You can then scrape it off. Another way is to lay a white paper towel over the stained pot and then repeatedly iron on it. The wax will melt and bind to the paper, and should be gone in just a couple of applications. Be sure to avoid using the iron for a period longer than 30 seconds as you could burn the carpet. Further, only use white cloth & towels as colored material could transfer the colour to your carpet when heated.

5. Steam clean regularly
Another top secret for cleaning carpets at home is to deep clean them at least once or twice a year. This will keep them looking both fresh & new. Steam cleaning simply involves using a solution under pressure which is injected deep into the material through water-jet nozzles. When injected, the clean solution penetrates fibres and loosens any embedded soil, and removes oil & grease deposits, leaving your carpet clean. The machine then removes the solution as well as dirt & debris from the carpet.

Follow these tips to properly steam clean your carpet:

· Get a steam cleaner. You can rent or purchase one from a local store.
· Prepare the area to be cleaned. If necessary, remove furniture and other items that could get in the way.
· Thoroughly vacuum the dirty carpet.
· Prepare the cleaning solution. Some steam cleaners may come with shampoo, but you can also use a detergent.
· Allow the extractor to suck up as much solution as possible.
· Leave the carpet to completely dry. Open the windows to quicken the process.

6. Removing odours can be easy
Carpets seem to easily capture odours, but they can be eliminated. In general, the time & effort spent on such a task will depend on the type as well as intensity of odours. Baking soda is very effective. Simply sprinkle the spot liberally with soda. If the odour goes beyond the surface, you may need to brush the spot lightly in order to work the powder down the material. For best outcome, you should leave it to sit overnight or even 24 hours , if possible. You can then gently sweep the layer of baking soda with a broom. For strong odours, repeated applications may be needed. Persistence is key here and you can consider opening windows to allow fresh air in and in turn help expedite the process.

7. Hire the pros
Professional carpet cleaners not only have the expertise and experience but they will also have an array of equipment and tools. All these enable them to do a thorough and quick job, leaving your carpets looking fresh. You are able to save precious time and use it to attend to other important activities. Using their services can also help avoid damage to material that results from use of wrong cleaning solutions or machines. Be sure to hire a professional cleaner at least once a year.

Carpet cleaning can seem a complicated, tedious and time-consuming task. This, however, is never the case. By keeping in mind some of the key secrets for the process, you can be able to give back your carpets that original look and extend their life by a few more years.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

How To Remove Stains on Carpet Tiles

Carpets are very important and expensive asset that should regularly cleaned. Although cleaning can keep your carpet tiles clean, at times the carpet may get stains that are difficult to remove. Cleaning carpet tiles is very important because it helps to prolong the lifespan of your carpet and also for the health of your family and workers. Carpet cleaning also prevents mold formation and helps to get rid of the beetles and bugs. But with time, the carpet can get stained with ink, paint, coffee, dressings and other things that can ruin the elegance of your carpet. Home with pets and children are especially prone to carpet staining. Needless to say, at one time or the other, your carpet will be stained. The following are tips on how to remove stains on carpet tiles.

Act fast
No any carpet tile that is proof to stains. Your carpet can be stained by the blood spills, ink or any other thing you can think of. The first thing to prevent spots or spills from turning into stain is to act immediately. It is wise to remove spills and spots as soon as possible. If you fail to act immediately, the spills or spots are likely to form permanent stains that are more difficult to remove and also require much capital investment. All in all, ensure you act as soon as possible.

Don’t rub on liquid
Many homeowners are likely to rub on liquid spills as a way to reduce the intensity of the stain. This is wrong because rubbing on a liquid spill will spread the stains deep into the fibers that will make the situation much worse. The best way to get rid of liquid spills is bloating up. Soak a clean white cotton or a clean white towel on the spilled liquid. Soaking up the white cotton will absorb the liquid [preventing the liquid from spreading further. Afterward, you should rinse the affected parts with warm water and bloat once more until the part completely dries. Give the affected parts good time to dry, you should avoid scrubbing the carpet tile as this will ruin the carpet. The bottom line is, don’t rub on the liquid spills, and you should avoid over wetting the affected parts.

Work on the carpet tile surface
To prevent the stain from affecting large parts of the carpet tile, always work from the outside to the inner part of the spills. Many people would simply soak a wet cotton right at the middle of the stain or spill and start scrubbing. Putting the cloth in the middle of the spill is very wrong as it would force the spills to spread to the other parts of the carpet. The best way to remove such spills is working from the outside to the inside of the spills. This will prevent the spill from spreading to other parts of the carpet.

Water is effective to remove most stains
Before rushing to buy other detergent, it is good to remove stains using water. Water can remove most stains. But avoid hot water because hot water will set the stain. Lukewarm or cold water is the best.

Preventing stains
You can also prevent stains before they occur. There are various proactive and preventative detergent in the market that have been tried and proven to prevent carpet stains from forming. Such detergents form strong defensive layers that repel most stain causing agents thus stopping stains from forming.

How to remove common stains

Blood stains
Blood stains can be very nuisance. It is good to remove blood stains as soon as possible to prevent the formation of a permanent stain. The best way to remove blood stains from your carpet is by soaking a wet paper towel and bloating all the spills as you can. After bloating, you should cover the affected parts with a clean paper towel and apply effective detergent and lukewarm water on the white towel. Let the solution settle for 30 minutes before wiping away. If you follow this procedure, you are likely to remove all blood stains on your carpet without leaving any marks that would damage your carpet.

How to remove ink marks
Ink marks should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the formation of a permanent stain. You can easily remove ink marks by soaking the affected parts and then scrubbing using fine steel wool. If some stains remains, use ammonia. Pour little ammonia on a clean white cloth and then cover the affected parts. Leave it for at least 15 minutes and the clean the carpet tile with the detergent of your choice. However, ammonia can discolor the grout, you should be careful to keep ammonia on the affected parts only. In addition, ammonia has a strong pungent smell, ensure the room is well ventilated.

How to remove burn marks
You can also remove burn marks before forming a permanent carpet stain. To remove the burn mark, use cold water and an effective detergent to rub the affected areas with a fine steel wool. You should soak the affected parts for at least 20 minutes.

How to remove tomato sauce, tomato juice or fruit juice
When you spill fruit juice, tomato juice or tomato sauce on your carpet tiles, you should clean it out as soon as possible. Vegetable or fruit juices and sauces can stain your carpet very quickly so you should remove these stains immediately. You need to wipe up the sauce or juice completely. You can used baking soda, lukewarm water and cleaning rugs to remove stains.

Hire professional services provider
Some stains are so hard to remove. For example, blood, vegetable and fruits sauce and juice can form permanent stains. The best way to remove such permanent stains is by hiring professional services provider. Professional carpet stains removers have the necessary equipment and skills to remove any stains. In case your carpet is heavily stained, you should consider hiring professional service providers. However, you should ensure your hire the experienced and highly skilled service provider. You should look at customer’s reviews before hiring the service provider.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Is the Chemical Used In Carpet Cleaning Safe?

Carpet cleaners all around Singapore can use an extensive variety of convenient chemicals in the cleaning process. These include many useful items that are designed to keep the appearance of the carpet intact while also ensuring that the fibers will stay sturdy and flexible for years to come.

Some people are clearly going to hold reservations over these chemicals though. After all, they are materials that are often made with loads of different items that are mixed and measured and in some cases processed. It is important for all people who hire carpet cleaners in Singapore to see just how chemicals are used. This listing includes many products that are being used by many cleaners as well as some that are being phased out by a number of them out of the fear that some of these items may be rather dangerous to use.

H2O2 is a Safe Unit

Hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2, can be used in a number of different carpet cleaners. This is typically for spotting needs and can even be used for pre-spray treatments. It can target very specific stains and can be cleared out with care to ensure that your carpet will be treated right and cleared out without any problems coming from what you may hold.

H2O2 has been rather popular in recent time thanks to how it is a safer chemical to use than many other components. There are many great features that come with H2O2:

· It is known to be colorless.
· It also has a minimal odor to it.
· The compound can also be vacuumed away after a period of time as the material works to clear out old chemicals and other items that might be in the way of a spot. This is done to protect a carpeted surface and to ensure that it will be as sturdy and comfortable as possible.

Most importantly, H2O2 is an effective material in that it can be added to a surface and then cleared out with care. It is not going to take much time for people to handle when used with care.

Degreasers Can Be Natural

A degreaser is another type of compound that is often used in many cases. The degreaser is a type of compound that was created with the intention of replacing many older solvents that had been known to be extremely abrasive or harsh on surfaces.

Degreasers are made with many different safe materials these days including some sturdy orange peel-based items and other citric acid materials. Citric acids are known to be safe for many features:

· They feature biodegradable bodies that will not linger.
· These acids can pull oils from surfaces. These can then be vacuumed up to preserve the body of the carpet.
· They are often gathered from many healthy and dafe food-based sources.

The great part of these degreasers is that they can be rather easy for different surfaces to be treated with care while not creating a negative impact on the environment. This is a critical point for all to see with regards to finding items that are safe to use in a home.

 Liquid Carbon Dioxide Is Attractive

One material that may be used for spot cleaning when taking care of carpets is liquid carbon dioxide. It is an environmentally-safe component that is water-based and does not contain harsh additives. This is designed with a setup that is suitable for most surfaces including some surfaces that might require the use of a dry cleaner's services in order to get cleaned off. This is a rather safe material that is easy to use and add onto any surface and should be checked with care to ensure that it will not be too hard to add onto a surface as necessary.

Petroleum Should Be Avoided

Some carpet cleaners are still adamant on the use of petroleum in their cleaning solvents. Petroleum has been used in many chemicals and solvents because it is known to cut through grease and many other rather difficult stains.

However, that does not mean that the petroleum one has will be safe. It is known to create extremely dangerous odors and can stick around in many carpets for a while. It can also create some dangerous residues if not used properly. As a result, some people can get sick if they are stuck around loads of petroleum-based components. Therefore, it is no surprise that more people are trying to get away from petroleum use in their cleaners.

Watch For Perc Too

Perc, or Perchloroethylene, is also used in many carpet cleaning projects. However, this is another chemical that needs to be avoided. It has long been used as a spot cleaner but it can be harmful:

· It is known to cause dizziness in some people. The vapors that come from Perc can contribute to this annoying problem.
· These items tend to stick in surfaces for far too long.
· Sometimes discoloration may occur if they are not used the right way.

This is a component that has been progressively minimized in many carpet cleaning offices around Singapore. Liquid carbon dioxide is actually being used for cleaning purposes instead of traditional materials that are often used elsewhere.

Is Sodium Healthy?

Some sodium-based cleaners have been used in a number of cases. These include many popular products like sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and sodium bisulfate.

These materials are often used to clean out stains and to help with removing old water rings and other deep stains. However, these are items that are know to be rather dangerous if they are used too often.

 The problem with sodium-based chemicals is that they can let out harsh vapors that can be easily inhaled and may be dangerous to one's body. The key is to avoid using them too often in order to ensure that a carpet is cleaned. If anyone is going to use them then they should be used with extremely minimal quantities and with plenty of protective gear while ensuring any treated spot is deep-cleaned and vacuumed out as soon as possible to reduce the risk of a sodium product sticking around for too long.

If you are going to hire a carpet cleaner then you need to take a good look at the chemicals that are being used. These chemicals can come in many forms and are worth checking on as they can do many things to any carpet.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Safe For Pets?

Pet Odor Removal As well as Carpet Cleaning Services

People having a pet at house and floor coverings in some areas are well aware of how difficult it becomes to remove pet smell from these areas. You may have a box for your pet or you might be taking the pet outside for its daily addiction, yet you can't always avoid getting your rug much dirty by the pet. This is particularly legitimate when your pet is young or going through the procedure of housebreaking. Getting rid of pet smell is not everybody's cup of tea and many property owners choose it to be taken care of by devoted experts.

You probably are acquainted with you will of animals of which the most common is that they like returning to the point where they urinated. While doing so, they often mess up other parts of the house. If you observe them involving in such action, you can possibly stop the pet from implementing it as an addiction. When smell pee or other distressing "surprises" for you at any spot, animals consider it to be the right place to continue their release.

The best way to save your rug and house from distressing smells is to provide housebreaking to your pet from the beginning. Once they get qualified to know that the rug is different from lawn, where they can pee or do whatever they feel like, in all possibility they won't mess up the rug any longer. While you are active coaching the pet, it is crucial that your floor coverings are completely without any pet smell. This can wisely be done by an experienced support that will rid your rug of any remaining smell as impact of the pet having used your rug as its bathroom.

The issue created by your pet is not only the carpet cleaning for the rug could also create spots and staining due to the pee or bathroom of your pet. The strategy employed for eliminating the smell is different from the ones used for eliminating regular spots from floor coverings. Nevertheless, organizations offering rug washing support solutions are certified to do both the tasks. The only assistance they may need from you would be finding the areas suffering from these spots or smells. One can depend on their proficiency to create any much dirty rug absolutely clean and 100 % completely without any smells.

Since most pet owners love their animals and cure them as part of the family, they will need smell eliminating solutions frequently. If you plan keeping the pet for lengthy, you should keep a few things useful to somewhat reduce your dependency on expert organizations. You may use whisky secure to avoid smells, spots and give a nice look to your furniture and rug. Nevertheless, the most effective way of doing away with pet smells and pollen is to use an experienced organization offering rug washing support solutions.

Many property owners think they can indeed do this job without any expert help. You could consider eliminating the pet smell as a DIY task if it's a new issue. A few house made solutions can confirm beneficial in eliminating the smells that you recognize in beginning. You can get ready a mouthwash by combining cooking powdered with h2o and fresh freshly squeezed orange juice. This needs to be used instantly on the area after it is ruined by your pet. When you cannot sense smells beginning and it ongoing for quite some time, you would better search for the services of expert help for doing the required activities.

What an Excellent Carpet Cleaning Includes

There are thousands of rug washing support organizations out there and you could very easily choose a doubtful organization that will take advantage of you. This information will help you know what a good carpet cleaning. Ensure that you comprehend each of the activities in the washing procedure. And create sure you ask questions!!!

The following is the very lowest that a rug better should execute. Do not agree to any less.

Step 1 - Vacuum cleaning the rug before doing anything else! This eliminates powerful spend on the outer lining area of your rug and allows the cleaning solutions to work on the tougher more complicated to get dust. 

Step 2 - Apply the rug with a powerful soap that will crack down challenging dust powerful in the rug materials. Pre spray should stay in the rug for about 15 minutes so the substances will crack down the dust and crack them completely exempt from the rug materials. If the pre spray doesn't stay lengthy enough, it cannot crack down the dust. 

Step 3 - Aggravate the pre spray powerful into the rug materials. Frustration can be with a force brush, or a switching machine. This phase considerably enhances results. Frustration does not take lengthy but is definitely necessary. 

Step 4 - Draw out the pre spray along with the ground that it has split up. This phase contains vapor h2o that rinses out the rug. The rug should not stay very wet because highly effective removal devices are highly effective enough to extract about 85% of the h2o.

Note: This is for a basic rug washing support. Pet smell as well as spots need other specialized activities. Also, finding is another procedure that is generally extra.

Other activities that can be used in this procedure but are not necessary are: self care the rug and switching on air moving companies to enhance dehydrating times. Some carpet cleaning will assist with furnishings shifting. For senior customers, it is better be thoughtful enough to help shifting furnishings. These activities are not necessary but considerably enhance the quality of the job.

Overall, it can be said that you should always consider carpet cleaning service which is no doubt the most essential part for keeping your house clean. This is the prime cause of the gradual growth of the demand of carpet cleaning. This is mostly popular in Singapore. So, the demand of the carpet cleaning service will go up day by day considering the importance of it in our every day life.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

6 Ways To Clean A Smelly Carpet

Carpets provide a soft, comfortable place to walk and rest in your home after a long day in the busy life of Singapore. However, they are also inclined to capture and hold on to all kinds of odors, even the tiniest ones. A stinking, lingering odor from your carpet can make your home inhospitable to say the least. Whether the entire floor of the house is reeking or it is just from one room, the smell can be unbearable. The good news is that you can remove these odors. The time and effort needed will mainly depend on the nature and intensity of the odor. Below are six different ways that might work with different types of odors.

Sprinkle baking soda for general odors
One excellent solution to removing unappealing carpet odors is sitting right in your kitchen shelf. Baking soda is a well-known remover of bad smells. It is easily accessible, simple to use and highly effective. Begin the process by sprinkling the baking soda generously to the smelling surface. Using a broom brush the carpet lightly to work the powder down into its surface. Sprinkle an extra layer of baking soda to the surface afterwards. A thin layer of the powder will not be as effective in removing the odors so do not be afraid to be liberal with your baking soda. Leave the powder to set overnight, and then use a stiff broom to sweep the top layer into a dustpan. Then use a strong vacuum cleaner to vacuum the remaining baking soda from the affected area. It is important that you sweep the top layer first before vacuuming to avoid damaging your carpet. Smell the area to see if there is any change, if so, repeat the process until the smell is gone completely.

Use white paper towels for Pet Urines
Pet urine odors are among the most intolerable. If you can smell it but you are not sure where it is coming from, follow your nose or use a black light to find the target area. Certain vitamins and body fluids contain phosphorus. A black light emits an ultraviolet light that will make the phosphorus glow. Once you have located the urine in the carpet, blot using white paper towels until you get out as much liquid as possible. Avoid rubbing as you might spread the stain. Apply generously an equal mixture of water and vinegar to the affected area, leave it for a few minutes, and then use clean paper towels to absorb the solution. Keep away from the area until it is completely dry. If the odor is not completely gone, you can now use the baking soda approach.

Apply vinegar for liquid odors
At times, carpet odors come from spilled food, drinks, beverages and other liquids that may have been left unattended or not cleaned properly. If that’s the case, then vinegar is an excellent solution. To start, use a soft cloth to blot the vinegar onto the carpet or use a spray can to spray the surface. Since the liquid emanating the bad smell has most likely already been absorbed by the carpet, use sufficient vinegar to reach the odor’s source but do not saturate the carpet. Give the vinegar 15 minutes to set on the carpet and then use a clean cloth to blot it out. Blot or spray the affected area with clean water to rinse it, and then use a dry cloth to absorb any remaining water. Allow the area to dry and repeat if necessary.

Consider using Ammonia and water for smoke odors
Depending on the frequency of exposure and the buildup, smoke odors can be tough to eliminate. Your carpet can emit a smoke odor if you regularly smoke in the house or if something burns and accidentally falls on its surface. Spray a mixture of one cup of ammonia with one bucket of water on the affected area and then vacuum after a few minutes to clean and deodorize your carpet’s surface. Remember, ammonia can burn if it gets in your eyes so use protective gloves and eyewear while handling it. It also has a pungent smell so make sure you open windows for adequate ventilation especially if you have plenty of cleaning to do. For peace of mind, the smoker should go outdoors.

Take your time vacuum cleaning and try different angles
Vacuum cleaners were invented to save time but that does not mean you should hurry over your carpet cleaning process. If you are in hurry to vacuum your carpet and get it over with, you will likely not be able to remove stubborn dirt embedded deeply in its fibers, which can be a source of bad smell. To achieve this, you need to go over your entire carpet with the vacuum cleaner several times. For the best results, try to use a different stroke or pattern each time. You can also use a good deodorizing product, which you can apply to the carpet surface a few minutes before you begin vacuum cleaning. It is also crucial to act on any stains promptly. The longer they stay on your carpet, the harder it becomes to clean them, and the worse the smell gets. 

Try steam cleaning or a washing machine
When all fails, you can deep clean your carpet on your own using a steam cleaner or a washing machine to remove all stains and odors. This approach is best when you have allowed a long time to pass without acting on your stains and odors. It is possible to rent a good steam cleaner from a department store nearby. For extra cleaning and best result, use the steam cleaner together with a good odor-fighting cleaning solution that you can add to water. You can apply hydrogen peroxide to the affected area to remove odors, but test it on a tiny surface first to ensure there is no discoloration or damage to the carpet since not all carpets are made equal. If the carpet is small enough to be removed, and fits in a washing machine, then washing it as normal is the easiest and fastest way to remove the stain and odor.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Choose Us for the Best Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Rugs or carpets can easily improve the overall look of your commercial establishment, and make the place look more professional. Unfortunately, carpets can get stained and dirty easily. Thus, you need a reputed and professional industrial carpet cleaning service to get your rugs cleaned efficiently.

For years, our company has been offering high quality carpet cleaning services to customers at reasonable prices. We always make sure your rugs are cleaned properly with only natural and safe detergents. Due to this, we can increase the durability and life of your carpets and rugs.

A lot of companies offer only rug cleaning services. However, we have always aimed to integrated our services to offer complete satisfaction to valued customers. Therefore, besides our carpet cleaning services, we also offer other cleaning services for commercial establishments. Besides using safe and natural ingredients, we also use advanced and high end equipment to offer high quality services in Singapore.

Our well trained professionals are skilled to handle high end equipment and reduce response time. Due to the high quality and affordable services, we have been able to build confidence and provide our customers with complete satisfaction. Thus, we have been able to surpass other rug and carpet cleaning companies in the area.

Overview of Industrial Carpet Cleaning
In simple terms, carpet cleaning is a basic cleaning service in which you hire professionals for the cleaning your rugs or carpets. The cleaners are often hired on a contract that explains the details of the job, including areas to be cleaned and the time to perform the cleaning tasks. You can hire industrial carpet cleaners online.

However, thorough research about the company’s background is required. For years, we have been offering our services to business organizations, body corporates, strata managers, residential apartments and other establishments. In recent years, people have understood the importance of hygienic and clean homes and workplaces. Therefore, carpet cleaning has quickly become quite popular among commercial and industrial property owners. It is worth mentioning that we use various methods to properly clean the carpets in your commercial establishment.

For instance, we use latest equipment and green products to clean hard to remove stains on the carpets. Our qualified professionals are well trained and skilled to take care of different kinds of cleaning jobs. Most companies hire only experienced professionals to make sure they are able to properly clean all stubborn areas on the carpet.

Our skilled professionals make us your best choice.
The methods used by our industrial carpet cleaners depend on the cleaning task. For instance, if the cleaner needs to wash dirt off the carpets, he may use basic detergents and water. On the other hand, intense carpet cleaning will need a high end vacuum with soft detergents to protect the fabric.

Why Hire Us for Industrial Carpet Cleaning?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, hiring a professional service may be the best choice. When you are not sure about your ability to clean the commercial establishment or prevent any damage, it is always better to hire a professional industrial carpet cleaner. Before you hire a professional for the job, it is important to consider various factors, including insurance, license, registration and more. You should always hire professionals who are insured, licensed and bonded. This will make sure you don’t have to incur any costs for damages or accidents during the project. This makes us the best in the business.

These days, you can easily find an experienced and quality carpet cleaning service online. However, not every company offers the same level of professionalism as us. You just need to conduct a proper research to find some details about our quality of work. On our website, you can easily schedule an appointment. It’s very important to look for a company that’s been in business for a long time. The company should possess all the qualities mentioned above. The staff members should be skilled, qualified and experienced. Moreover, the cleaning service should offer its services at affordable prices. For many years, our high quality services, affordable prices and other qualities have allowed us to build a strong reputation in the industry.

What Does Our Industrial Carpet Cleaning Process Involve?
For industrial carpet cleaning, we use various steps to make sure you receive the best quality service for the price. Besides basic carpet cleaning, we also use other innovative methods to make sure your carpets are properly cleaned. We always guarantee the most advanced and effective cleaning methods available in the market. The first step of the process is pre-inspection. In the first step, our professionals evaluate the condition of your carpets and recommending suitable cleaning measures. In simple terms, this step involves the analysis of fibre, fabric, visible spots and stains.

The next step is pre-conditioning. In this particular step, the carpets are deodorized. Our professionals also use hot detergent to achieve positive results. The choice of detergent is based on the particular fibre used to manufacture the carpet. The third step is the powerful truck mount steam extraction. This is one of the most advanced cleaning systems. We use only latest and high end equipment to carry out this task. In recent years, this carpet cleaning method has become quite popular in Singapore.

We make sure the carpets are pre-vacuumed with good quality hospital grade filtration system. In this particular step, more than 70% dry soil is removed with the use of dry vacuuming. Agitation is the next step. It involves rotary agitation, which cleans up more than 50% soil from carpet fibres.

Last but not the least, we make sure the carpets are properly dried and stagnant water is removed. This helps us reduce the drying time. Most importantly, our methods make sure your carpet looks more than 20% brighter than its previous state.

Due to our high quality and affordable services, we’re considered the best industrial carpet cleaners in Singapore. We have been able to build a very strong reputation in the market. Our guaranteed satisfaction allows us to retain a lot of customers. For industrial carpet cleaning, we will be your best choice.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Where Can I Find Reputable Rug Pickup Delivery Service?

The toughening economic conditions have driven many families to working extra hours and taking double jobs to meet routine requirements time. A little time has been left for housekeeping, cleaning and laundry activities. Fortunately, this has created convenient outsourced services that take care of all cleaning and laundry at the expense of affordable prices. While there are many businesses that offer such services, all claiming supremacy and ultimate quality, only a few can guarantee desirable outcome. It is therefore important to keenly choose cleaning services and make necessary considerations before deciding on a specific company. In order to find the best rug pickup delivery services, you will need to compare companies against their services and rates.


What to look for

There are many attributes that distinguish reputable service providers from others in the market. It is important to know these unique characteristics that can be used to select the best services. Some of the things to look for in a rug pickup delivery service provider include:

• Experience and public reputation –

These two are very important considerations when looking for cleaning companies. Businesses that have been in the industry for a longer time have undergone various modifications of processes, service delivery models and overall distribution strategies. They also have a portfolio of previous work which can be evaluated. You can look for previous client reviews and opinions or ratings from other sites to gauge the level of service quality provided. Such companies have profound experience in cleaning and have tackled various issues which give them a slight edge over newly established businesses. Public reputation basically entails what the surrounding community thinks of the service quality and how it ranks among competition. Business can be known for their reliability, affordable/competitive prices, flexibility or convenience among other attributes.

• Safe products and practices –

Rug pickup delivery services are already quite flexible and convenient. The major concerns should be the safety and quality of procedures and outcome. Cleaning rugs will involve various processes and agents that often include chemicals. It is important to choose companies that use natural safe cleaning agents that do not only remove all stains but also protect the rugs from damages and are safe for human use. Some agents will degrade the rugs value or cause irritation and indoor air pollution. Choose businesses that use green products and less harmful options. They should also use safe cleaning practices and modern state-of-the-art tools. The goal is to achieve exceptional cleanliness while preserving durability and upholding safety.

• Customer service, quality guarantee and pricing –

Most rug pickup delivery services are contracted online which makes customer service an integral component of the offer. The business should handle inquiries promptly and offer any necessary assistance when requested. They should run flexible schedules that allow re-arrangements and ensure ultimate convenience. They should also have a quality guarantee that provides for redoing the service when agreed standards are not fulfilled. The prices should be competitive and affordable when compared against the value provided and surrounding competition.
• Business credibility and reliability –

Companies that offer cleaning services for rugs and carpets must be credible and licensed to deliver such services within the region. Choose licensed genuine businesses that can be relied upon to deliver their promises as agreed. Often, this can be done by evaluating the company’s capacity to deliver claimed services. Do they have well-maintained cars, pickups and transportation? Do they have modern efficient cleaning tools and equipment? Do they use modern techniques and efficiencies? These are some of the questions that can be used to determine whether the business has the capacity to deliver high quality services. There are many other considerations and comparisons to make before contracting rug cleaning services. It is advisable to choose companies and businesses that are close to your residence rather than those that are far away regardless of whether they claim and/or are capable of serving your area.


Finding reputable services

Rug pickup delivery service companies exist in abundance and it takes the least effort to find such providers. However, reputable services are not as easy to locate. The easiest way to contract rug cleaning services is through online business websites. Companies providing these services usually own business sites where all the information about their offer is enlisted. These websites contain service description, contact information, how to contract services and payment procedures.

Reputable companies will include maps and guides to their premises although most engagements can be completed online. Besides, rugs are picked and delivered to client residences which eliminate the need to visit physical business premises. It is important to verify the security measurement in place especially if payment is going to be processed online. The company must offer comprehensive security for client private information and a user friendly interface that is simple to navigate. http://www.blog.carpet-cleaning.com.sg/ is one of the most reputable cleaning service providers in Singapore. They provide reliable cleaning services and have several pickup and delivery vehicles that are maintained at optimum working condition to ensure a high degree of convenience. You can look for opinions and comments from previous clients (highly encouraged) or visit review and rating sites.

Attributes of reputable rug pickup delivery services

In order to get reputable services, you must be able to identify the unique characteristics that such services showcase. Some of the attributes of a reputable rug cleaning service include the following;

• Flexible pickup and delivery times
• 24 hour services including in holidays and weekends
• Convenient service delivery
• Vigilant customer service and several communication channels
• Affordable competitive prices
• Use of less harmful cleaning agents and green solutions
• Occasional discounts and promotion
• Credible licensed business
• Use of modern efficient and preservative cleaning techniques and equipment.

There are various other characteristics that identify reputable services and businesses. Reputable businesses will also express their command in the service and offer various learning and information resources on rug and carpet selection, cleaning, maintenance and designs.


Finding rug pickup delivery services is very simple and there are many companies specialized in that business. It is important to choose reliable credible and professional services at all times to enjoy the benefits convenient high quality cleaning. This will also ensure your investment is protected from harmful products and processes. Always compare a couple of companies before making the final decision.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

6 Worst Mistakes People Make In Office Carpet Cleaning

It’s everyone’s desire to maintain a clean carpet and the key maintaining such a carpet is through cleaning it. You can have the best intentions when cleaning your carpet but you can make some mistakes which may actually make the situation worse than it was. When you are aware of the worst mistakes people make in carpet cleaning then you can achieve good results. As the common quote goes, prevention is better than cure’’. 


Below are 6 worst mistakes people make in carpet cleaning:

1. Scrubbing spills out
Many people often make the mistake of hitting the ground to scrub the carpet each time juice box or glass of wine topples over. What scrubbing does is untwist the carpet fibers, making the pile to get distorted and the damage it causes is permanent. This means that even though you will be able to finally remove the stain from the carpet, you will never be able to fix the untwisted fibers. The best way to get rid of the stain is to first scrap up what is possible with a spoon and then blot that part using a clean white paper tower or a cloth until the area is dry. After this you can treat the spot using a stain remover, however, it is advisable to first pretest the product in a hidden area to ensure that it will not make your carpet fade its color.

2. Cleaning the carpet only when it is extremely dirty
This is the most common worst mistake that many homeowners make. A carpet is supposed to be cleaned on a regular basis as the carpet fibers draw dust particles during the day. The carpet fibers can absorb too much dirt that may not be noticeable to the homeowner, especially if the carpet is dark-colored. When the carpet is not cleaned frequently, dust and dirt particles will accumulate and eventually the quality of the carpet will deteriorate. So, if you fail to act immediately the carpet seems dirty, then most probably the carpet fibers will absorb the dirt and this may make it very hard to remove some stains. In addition, if the liquid that has spilled on your carpet is acidic in nature, it can wear away the carpet fibers. Therefore, it is crucial to act immediately regardless of the kind of dirt your carpet is prone to.

3. Using the wrong carpet cleaning product
At present, there are various types of carpet cleaning products in the market. Each product is meant for a specific purpose. It is crucial to first read the label of any product and carry out thorough research about it on the internet before buying or using it. Most laundry cleaning products are known to cause harm to the carpet as they are made up using powerful chemicals that are particularly inappropriate for carpet cleaning. Many people think that using too much cleaning agent will make the carpet cleaner. However, this is just wasting the product and it can eventually create a smelly build-up in your carpet, which can be very difficult to remove. Always make sure you use the recommendable amount indicated on the label of the cleaning product. Follow the instructions correctly and save your money as using too much product can make you use a lot of money.

4. Cleaning the carpet too often
This is another worst mistake that many people make when cleaning the carpet. It is not recommendable to clean your carpet every week as it can harm your carpet. This is worse when you use aggressive cleaning techniques as they can be destructive to the carpet fibers. Moreover, cleaning the carpet too often makes it fade its color as well as decreases its ability to decorate the home. Therefore, you should avoid cleaning your carpet too often to prevent this.

5. Failing to re-examine new cleaning agents
The worst carpet cleaning mistake people make is to make use of new cleaning agents on their carpet without re-examining them first. Am not saying it’s bad to explore new products, but it is important to first examine the product to make sure they cannot harm your carpet. It is always advisable to first pretest new cleaning solutions or detergents before using them to clean your carpet. All you need to do is test the new product on a small, hidden part of the carpet to find out whether it is appropriate for your carpet.

6. Failing to hire a professional in carpet cleaning
Many people think that using a professional to clean their carpets can be really expensive. However, this is not the case and sometimes cheap can be expensive too. It is advisable to use professional cleaning services if your carpet is prone to regular stains or if you have a crucial event and want to keep your home very tidy as they will help you remove all stains, dirt and apparently permanent odors. You can give your carpet a great look by using professional carpet cleaning services.

However, it is crucial to carry out a thorough research about the cleaning companies so as to make sure that you hire the best cleaning service provider. This is because all carpet cleaners claim to provide the best services whereas as some maybe scam and others may not even have the skills to clean the carpet properly. Hiring a substandard professional carpet cleaning service provider might end up causing more harm to your carpet and hence, you should never rush to hire one that you don’t know very well about. When looking for the best carpet cleaning firm, it is crucial to employ one with an established track record as this is a proof of the quality of service to anticipate.

In conclusion, many homeowners uses the carpet as a major feature to decorate their homes and hence it need to be properly maintained. Usually, homeowners use the carpet to create a comfortable feeling around their home. Thus, it is crucial to properly clean your carpet as it has a great impact on how your house will look. A clean carpet impressively enhances the freshness of your home environment. 

Monday, 30 March 2015

6 Useful Carpet Stain Removal Tips

It is quite normal that in every house or office where a carpet is used, they are bound to face instances where the carpets get stains. Carpet stains are a normal occurrence no matter how prudent everyone gets when carrying out their day to day activities. The stains could be caused by a number of factors and they are all of a different nature. It is therefore important for one to get to know various carpet stain removal techniques and procedures. This will always come in handy whenever a stain is noted on the carpet. It greatly saves on costs associated with getting a new carpet as well as ensures that the carpet looks clean at all times giving the home or office a presentable look. Below are some of these valuable tips on removing carpet stains.


Before delving into cleaning the stains on your carpet, there are some basics that you ought to consider. It is important to first of all understand that there are several ways of cleaning stains and not all stains can be removed using the same procedure. Once a stain develops, it ought to be washed within the shortest period of time possible, this is logical in that the more the stains sit on the carpet, the more tough they will be to remove during stain removal. It is also essential to ensure that at the first instance of spotting a stain, it should not be rubbed at as this forces the stain deeper inside the carpet. It is always advisable to blot the stain rather than rubbing it as blotting it makes it easier to remove. Carpet stains should also not be removed against the fiber of the carpet as this can only make the situation at hand worse.

First Steps

Immediately a stain on a carpet is noted, there are some steps that you can start with before getting to the carpet stain removal proper. The first thing to do when faced with a stain on your carpet is undertaking some steps below of a tried-and-found-true method of stain removal from carpets. They are:
• Mixing a cup of water that should be warm with one or two tablespoonful of a dish detergent that has its pH balanced and well-blended ingredients. This solution should then be applied on the stained patch by gently blotting it.
• Combining a two-third full cup bearing warm water with a cup full of white vinegar and then applying it onto the stain and leaving it put for some minutes. After that use paper towels that should be clean to blot it away gently.
• You should then repeat these steps until you are satisfied that the stain is gone completely and then the paper towels can be placed on the area to ensure that it dries out completely. 
• In some instances, you could resort to using paper towels to blot the satin away until it gets dry enough to be removed by any other technique. 
However, these first steps cannot apply in some instances where the type of stain requires a special consideration or technique in order for it to be efficiently cleaned.

Using Detergents

Detergents are the laundry companions found in most homes. They come in various forms that is liquid, powder and some can be considered as heavy duty. These detergents are useful in removing stains from carpets due to their cleaning capability whereby they are mixed with water and then used to clean various stains on carpets. Detergents could be used to clean off stains like blood, tea, coffee, urine, curry, juices and cooking oil stains. They are very useful as they restore a stained carpet back to its pristine condition due to their cleaning ability brought about by the reactions of the various cleaning chemical compounds that are used in the manufacture of detergents.


In removing some types of carpet stains, you may use a vacuum cleaner. However, in order to remove a stain via vacuuming, you ought to use a vacuum that has both the dry and wet capabilities in order for the stain removal process to be effective. This method is effective as the as the suction is able to pick up the mess without the possibility of driving it deeper into the fabric. The carpet also gets douses with cleaning water making it easier to remove the stain a little at a time.

Dry Cleaning

Using some dry cleaning agents that are capable of removing stains on carpets due to their solvent properties is another great technique of removing carpet stains. The best thing about this method is its ability to save on the amount of labor required in carpet stain removal. There are several dry cleaning machines that make this work easier and efficient as well.

Natural Stain Removers

Carpet stains can also be removed using natural stain removers like baking soda and vinegar. In the preceding paragraphs of this article, it is clear about how stains are removed by use of natural stain removers. These natural stain removers are able to remove stains as they possess solvent properties that expedite the removal of several types of stains on different surfaces carpets included. They are mixed with water and then applied on the stained areas before using paper towels to remove the stains.

Plain Water and a Cloth

Sometimes when dealing with carpet stains, simplicity can go a long way in ensuring that you get the stain completely removed. Simple carpet stains can be removed by simply using plain water and a piece of cloth or some paper towels. One ought to ensure that they pat the stain using the piece of cloth and never rubbing the stain. Patting picks the stain out albeit slowly but at the end of the day the carpet quality is not compromised by using this simple yet effective technique. 

Using Carpet Shampoo

As harsh bleaches have been found to cause a slight or strong discoloration on the part of the carpet that had a stain, it is advisable to turn to a mild carpet shampoo when cleaning your carpet off a stain. One ought to apply a little amount of carpet shampoo on a cloth and then gently dab the stained part of the carpet. This will; remove the stain slowly but it is a sure method of removing carpet stains. After removing the stain, one may finish off the stain removal exercise with a carpet shampoo in the form of a dry foam to give the carpet a nice finish.

All the above are several techniques that can be used for carpet stain removal. It is important to ensure that you utilize the best and most effective removal technique when cleaning your carpets. Care should also be taken in order to avoid spoiling the carpet quality in the name of removing stains by ensuring that high standards of care are maintained all the time.