Sunday, 6 July 2014

How Dirty Carpet Can Make Your Employee Sick

Few key points that explain how dirty carpet can make your employee sick
If you find that your employees take a lot of sick leaves due to bad health, then you should pay more attention on your carpet cleaning as well along with all other health precautions. In case you have any question about this or you are not sure how dirty carpet can make your employees sick, then here are a few key points that can explain it you.

Dust allergies: This is a scientifically proven fact that more than 55% human has some kind of dust allergies and they get sick because of it. That means if your office carpet has dust in it, then it will surely create some health issues for most of your employees. As a result of this sickness of your employees, you will get less productivity in your office and it will reduce the growth of your business as well. However, if you will do your carpet cleaning on a regular basis, then you will not find dust in your carpet and then it will create less health issue for your employees.

Mold contamination: Most of us are aware that mold can expose you to serious health issues and if you leave your carpet unclean or damp for some time, then it can make your employees sick. Also, if mold starts growing on your carpet once, then it may grow rapidly and it can increase the health issues as well among all of your employees. But if you choose a good carpet cleaning firm that can do the cleaning of your carpet in an effective and experienced manner, then you and your employees will stay away from many health problems.

Dust Mites: These are some very minute pests and insects that can grow rapidly in dirty and moist flooring. That means if your carpet is dirty or it is moist because of some water spilling on it, then dust mites may develop on your carpet and it can make your employees sick as well. Talking about the health problems that your employees can get because of dust mites then it will include asthma, infection and many other allergies. So, if you want to make sure your employees do not get sick because of this problem, then make sure you choose a good carpet cleaning firm for your carpet cleaning.

Pet dander deposition: Indeed, this is a problem that you mostly get from animals and no one will bring his animals to the office. But many studies proved it that these tiny particles of animal skin can travel from home to office carpet via employees’ clothes and other belonging and if you leave it unattended for a long time, then it can cause serious health issues among all the human. That is another reason that enforces you to do regular carpet cleaning of your office so you can improve the health of your employees and you can get better productivity.

Bad smell: You can hardly find any office in which employees don’t eat or drink at their desk and sometime they drop the food on the carpet as well. And if you will not do the carpet cleaning on a regular basis, then eventually this food start decaying and create a very bad and unpleasant smell. Because of this unpleasant smell many of your employees may feel sick and some of them may experience vomiting, inflammation and other similar health problems as well.

Skin infection: Skin infection is more health issue that your employees may face due to improper carpet cleaning. As said above pet dander, dust deposition and mold formation is a very common problemwith dirty carpet and these things can cause serious skin problems as well. So, if you want to make sure your employees do not get sick because of skin infection,then it is a good idea to invest some time and money on your carpet cleaning and get better productivity from your employees.

In addition to these common problems, your employees may also face many other health problems such as athlete’s foot and unpleasant mood that will surely affect the productivity for your office. But if you can just invest some time on carpet cleaning, then this is an assurance that you can avoid almost all the above health issue in your employees and they will not get sick very often.