Monday, 7 July 2014

7 Ways To Clean Your Office Carpet Like A Professional

Professional carpet cleaning is a good approach towards ensuring that your office carpet retains its value and lasts long. The appearance of your office is also greatly improved when the carpet in there is cleaned up in a professional way. Allergens and sediments are also removed through professional carpet cleaning and this ensures good health for everyone who enters your office. Spots and all types of stains are also removed when professionals clean up your office carpet. It is a plausible way of ensuring that the carpet lasts for long and remains shining.

Hiring a professional can however cost you resources that can help you in other aspects. You can save these resources by cleaning your office carpet on your own like a professional, rather than hire professional services to clean up and then pay up. The following are ways to clean up your office carpet like a professional. You can try them out for excellent results.

1. Read The Manufacturer's Cleaning Instructions

In the event that your office carpet manufacturer gave instructions on how to clean up the carpet, kindly pay attention to this. The manufacturer understands best how to clean up the type of material used to make the carpet so that it maintains its value and lasts long, whether synthetic or natural fiber. It is therefore important that you go along with the instructions of the manufacturer, if there are any. These have got to be prioritized first before other methods that you perceive to be effective are given a try.

2. Preliminary Inspection Of Carpet Stains

You can inspect the office carpet first and foremost to determine the nature of stains it has. This makes it easy to brainstorm on the best options you have for cleaning the carpet. A good inspection also makes it possible to figure out the most appropriate carpet cleaning solution or detergent to use in the cleaning process. This stage could also involve vacuuming the carpet to remove easy stains and dust.

3. Treatment Of Spots

In case the office carpet has spots as a part of the stains, they should be treated first. Treating them makes it easy for their subsequent removal during the overall cleaning process. The spots are weakened in the treatment process, making them vulnerable to cleaning solutions or detergents that you use to clean the office carpet.

4. Application Of Carpet Cleaning Solution

Application of the carpet cleaning solution or detergent has got to be carefully undertaken. The solution has to be complementary to the material used to manufacture the carpet. This process loosens all simple stains, including ground-in soil that shoes carry into the office. Picking on a wrong solution leads to the derailment of your office carpet's value. Wrong solutions can acts as bleaches to the carpet, making it lose its color or colorful prints. Some solutions also weaken the carpet's fiber, making it vulnerable to wearing out. A little bit of scrubbing can help out in cases of stubborn stains – only be careful not to mess up the carpet's fiber.

5. Rinsing And Extraction

Rinsing has got to be done using clean and clear hot water. This leaves your carpet clean in the end. Hot water ensures that all greasy stains are gotten rid of. Some stubborn stains are also gotten rid of through the use of hot water. The water has to be clean and clear to ensure that no stains or marks remains in the end. This also ensures a uniform appearance of the office carpet.

6. Post-Treatment Of Stains
Residual stains can yet again be treated using special carpet solutions or detergents. This should be done to ensure proper grooming for your office carpet and a perfect finish.

7. Carpet Grooming And Inspection

Depending on the type of material used to manufacture your carpet, you can groom your carpet to ensure that it dries up properly. Grooming also gives your office carpet its original new appearance. Inspection on the other hand ensures that nothing was missed during the cleaning process.

Regular vacuuming of your carpet on a regular basis keeps it clean always and prevents the accumulation of stains on it. Cleaning individual stains as soon as they appear can also be helpful. Stains rub deeper into the carpet fiber when left unattended for a long time.