Saturday, 10 May 2014

6 Mistakes To Avoid On Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Even though installing carpet flooring is extremely easy and less time consuming, the maintenance task can take a toll on anyone’s mind. If you have kids and pets at home, you certainly know how difficult it is to keep those aesthetically pleasing carpets clean and stain-free. No matter how hard you try, there comes a time when you need to use professional carpet cleaning methods to get the best results.

It is a myth that wiping off the spills from the surface of the carpet is enough for cleaning. The spills can leave complex stains in the fabric textures, which can only be cleaned through extensive cleaning method like hot water extraction. If you’re to indulge DIY project, you can buy a portable extraction system to accomplish your cleaning goals. But here are 6 mistakes that you must avoid when taking such matters in your hand. It is easy to make multiple mistakes when trying to clean a carpet at home without professional help, and there are certainly many things that can go wrong and result in permanent damage. Here are a few common carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

Avoiding relevant actions at the required time
Irrespective of the type of spill, the carpet stains should be treated immediately. Most households do not care about cleaning the stains from within. While some stains will sink into the padding of the carpet, others like soda will eat away the fibers. If you have extraction system at home, it is advised to treat the stains as soon as possible, without waiting for your maintenance schedule.

Using the Wrong Detergent
Many people do not take a note of intensity of the detergent being used in the cleaning process. In hot water extraction, a mild detergent is used to extract out the stains and dirt. However, most people are not aware of the right detergent that can be used. Using normal fabric detergent will do no good, and strong ones will definitely harm the fibers. Avoid using household cleaners as they can result in a disaster. Also, surface and laundry cleaners contain bleaching agent and harsh chemicals that can cause permanent discoloration. So make sure you conduct a thorough research, before blindly using any detergent that you find in your home.

Overwetting the Carpet
Untrained people often use too much water in the cleaning process. Using excessive water can make the process more complex, making the extraction process more rigorous. It can be hard to extract the water if the carpet is over wet. Talking to a professional or doing some research online should help you use right amount of water in the cleaning process.

Re-using the Wet Carpet
This is a very common mistake often made my households indulging in Do It Yourselves carpet cleaning. Once the extraction process is completed, it is important to let the carpet dry completely before putting it back into its original place. It might take 12-24 hours for a carpet to dry completely. Wet carpet can encourage molds and bacteria, affecting the health of the inmates.

Avoid Using Deodorizing Powders
Most people use deodorizing powders immediately after the extraction process. Even though there is no problem in using deodorizing powders, you should wait until the carpet is completely dry. Also, do not mix the power in the cleaning mix during the extraction process.

Avoiding Professional Cleanings
Of course, DIY can help you save a lot of money on carpet cleaning, but it is always advised to hire professional cleaning service. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year is important, but the significance of such services increases when you consider opting for complex cleaning processes like hot water extraction. Homes with pets and children may require more frequent and rigorous cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners are trained and equipped with right set of equipment to deliver best results.

Not every carpet method requires the professional carpet cleaning company, but failure to perform them properly lead to a lasting blemish in your home. Make sure you take into consideration all the mistakes mentioned above and make right decisions. There is a reason why professional cleaning services are set up at first place. Take advantage of them and make your carpets shine for many more years to come.