Friday, 21 March 2014

7 Important Tips On Carpet Grass Maintenance

Carpet grass maintenance in Singapore is very important for you to maintain its elegance and beauty for long time. Carpets are not inexpensive items to be used for increasing the comfort and elegance of any place. Their regular maintenance will not only prolong their life but also save your money and time spent in search of other carpets frequently, if you want to maintain the grace and stylishness of your place.

Carpets are preferred not only in the commercial or business establishment but lots of people use them in their homes also to provide them grace. They have to clean these carpets regularly to maintain their looks, warmth, hygiene and fluffiness for long time. Though you can clean a small carpet yourself but if you have several carpets then you should opt for a professional carpet cleaning company for their proper carpet grass maintenance. It will not only save your time but money also as it is a fatiguing process and needs much knowledge and experience. 

Some people think that you have to be careful while cleaning your carpets through professionals as they use harsh chemicals for this purpose. You may be right but if you choose a company carefully then you can avoid such incidents. Tips provided here under will help you in carpet grass maintenance through professional carpet cleaners, if you are new to it.

7 Important Tips On Carpet Grass Maintenance 

Vacuum the carpet: Though it is an important method for carpet grass maintenance but the process does not end with it only. You should vacuum the carpet frequently, if it usually receives heavy traffic. It can prolong the life of your carpet as it helps in removing dust and dirt coming to it through the shoes and environment. Several granular particles that can damage the fiber of your carpet can also be removed by vacuuming. 

Wash the carpet: Though washing is necessary for longer term carpet grass maintenance but you should vacuum it before washing to remove dust and debris from its surface. Your carpet will not be clogged up with the dust and debris after washing it with water and other cleaning agents. Sometimes sharp and coarse materials in the carpet can damage its grass, if not vacuumed before washing. 

Handle the spills instantly: Carpet grass maintenance will be easy for you if you handle the spills immediately. Any kind of liquid material can spill on the carpet any time. You can save your carpet from staining by soaking it with the help of kitchen roll sheets, if professional cleaner is not readily available. You should put the sheet on the spill spot to allow it soak the liquid as much as possible. You should avoid rubbing the spot as it may extend the stain on the carpet.

Pre-treat the stains: If you have highly dirty or stained spots on your carpet then treating them with cleaning solution before washing thoroughly for effective carpet grass maintenance. Solutions for this type of treatments are sprayed or applied with a special rod, made for this purpose, on the stains. You can get better results if you follow the instructions given of the cleaning solution pack. 

Use of appropriate cleaning solution: The carpet cleaning solution you use should be suitable to the fiber of the carpet for its effective carpet grass maintenance. You should avoid using harsh chemicals for this purpose as they can damage its fiber and back. The cleaning solution you use for this purpose should neither produce excessive foam on it nor should leave some sticky substance on it to attract dust and dirt afterwards. 

Rinse the carpet thoroughly: While cleaning the carpet you should rinse it properly to wash out the cleaning solution completely. No residue of the detergent solution should remain in the carpet for effective carpet grass maintenance. You should use it after completely drying.

Clean the carpet with dry strokes: Cleaning the carpet with dry strokes is another method for effective carpet grass maintenance, if it is not too much stained or dirty. Instead of soaking the whole carpet for cleaning it you can try dry strokes to maintain its looks and early cleaning. Thus, you will not only use your carpet soon after cleaning it but also save the wastage of water.