Saturday, 22 February 2014

Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you are planning to clean your carpet in Singapore then you are not only planning to improve its looks but also making your home healthy. Though it is better to get your carpets cleaned through a professional carpet cleaner as their cleaning last for longer time but you should know about the carpet cleaning tips and tricks to keep an eye on the working of service provider. Information provided hereunder about these tips and tricks will not only help you in maintaining the looks of your carpet but also in selecting a suitable service provider for this purpose.

Importance of cleaning carpet
Before going to know about carpet cleaning tips and tricks you should know about the importance of this cleaning. Mostly carpets ad upholsteries in the household look clean due to their colorful appearance. Most of the times germs, soil and dust are found under the surface of the spotless upholsteries and carpets even in the well maintained homes. Frequent cleaning of carpet becomes necessary for their longer life and maintained elegance for longer time. Whether you clean them yourself or engage a professional service provider for this purpose but it has to be cleaned at least once in a year. 

Tips and tricks for cleaning your carpet

While tending to clean your carpets in Singapore you should keep in mind that they are among the delicate furnitures of your home so you should clean them very carefully. Some of the carpet cleaning tips and tricks provided here will allow you to clean or supervise the cleaner during the process. 

If the finish of your carpet has flattened then the application of a coat of primer will help in holding the new paint on it. As you apply a coat of primer on a flat painted wall, if it requires minor repairs, similarly you should coat primer on your carpet. Though you need not be careful enough while coating primer on the carpet but still it is done in the same manner. You can apply new paints to your carpet after drying the primer to give it an entirely new finish.

One of the important carpet cleaning tips and tricks is vacuuming them frequently. You can remove most of the lose dust and dirt from your carpets by vacuum cleaning them at least once in a week.

You can easily remove surface soil from you carpet by moving your vacuum cleaner with its pile grain. But by going against its grains you can succeed in removing deeply embedded dirt and grime from it.

You can avoid premature wearing of your carpets by using carpet cleaning tips and tricks of occasionally rotating your furniture. It will also help in avoiding soiling of your carpet in the traffic prone areas of your home in Singapore.

Candle wax is another nuisance that has to be cleared out from your carpet carefully to avoid the damage of its pile grains. You should use the edge of a plastic card for gently removing as much wax from your carpet as you can to maintain its looks. You can also remove the remaining wax from it by placing a brown paper bag on it and move medium hot iron on it. The wax in the carpet will melt with the heat of the iron and paper bag will absorb it. But while ironing your carpet you should not leave it for more than 10seconds at one spot as it may damage the texture of your carpet by melting its fibers. You can repeat the process after cooling of the carpet fibers, if the wax is not removed completely from it.

You should clean your carpet carefully if you are new to use home or rental steam cleaner for this purpose. You can endanger the life of your carpet if you do not properly know about the carpet cleaning tips and tricks by using steam cleaner and do not remove water from it completely. You can help in increasing the growth of mildews and molds on the pad and back of your carpet by leaving more than enough moisture in it. You should allow your carpet for 24 hours to dry up properly after steam cleaning it.