Monday, 27 May 2013

5 Ways on How to Get Rid of Carpet Mold

As a Singaporean having a carpet in your house will make you feel good while walking on the floor. Some carpets are designed to give you good feeling while walking on the floor besides adding beauty to your floor. Considering how important the carpet is to the floor sometimes it can be attacked by mold. This is mainly if it is not cleaned well .This can be because you hired somebody who had insufficient knowledge on cleaning the floor or due to a mistake that you made accidentally and you left some water under on your floor which lead to mold development. The mold can really make your carpet look ugly .It can be stressful in cleaning it but you need to try.

Here are 5 Ways on How to Get Rid of Carpet Mold.

1.Maintining your floor dry always

It is highly recommended during carpet cleaning to use methods that will not leave a lot of water or moisture on the floor. This is because the moisture will lead to development of mold which will make your carpet appear ugly. You can ensure this by contracting cleaning companies that have highly qualified professionals in the field of cleaning the floor with carpets to avoid chances of mold growing on your floor.

2. Using mold killing solution when cleaning your carpet on the affected parts

There are solutions such as chlorine dioxide that can easily eliminate the mold from your carpet. In using these solutions it is advisable to apply them to all parts of your floor. This is for you to eliminate any cases where the mold may have spread without you knowing. It will be beneficial when applying the solution to your entire floor so that you will be sure of eliminating the mold at once rather than cleaning some parts only others to develop the same problem later.

3. Cutting and replacing the affected part of the carpet

The mold may have affected your carpet greatly where it ends up developing hard stains. To easily eliminate this spots just cut off the part carefully using a sharp knife .After cutting you need to look for another piece of carpet with similar design and color and replace for convenience .This will enable you get rid of the mold on a specific part of your carpet completely.

4. Replacing the whole carpet.

You may have discovered late that your carpet is being affected with the molds. This can be a probable case if it happens that you travel for some time and during your last cleaning you left some water on the carpet. On coming back you may be surprised to find the whole r

5. Vacuuming the floor after cleaning

Molds have spores which can readily move in the air in your room .In case you notice there are parts of your house that are being affected by the mold there are high chances that they will spread to your floor. To avoid your floor from being affected you need to vacuum it regularly. Through this you will be able to remove any spores that may lead to development of molds on your floor hence eliminating the molds on your carpet.

oom with the mold. As a Singaporean you need to maintain the beauty of your house. In this case you need to look for a new carpet and replace at once.