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5 Tips Of Removing That Carpet Stains

5 Tips Of Removing That Carpet Stains

A clean carpet not only makes your house look neat, but it also enhances the atmosphere in your home. Dirty carpets are actually the main cause of bad odor in the house. Therefore if you want to maintain a clean environment in your home you have to clean your carpets regularly. When it comes to carpet cleaning, two driving factors that you must put into consideration are types of carpet stains and the carpet type.

All stains are not the same, meaning they cannot be cleaned using similar procedures. Some are easier to remove while others are relatively harder to get rid of. Carpet stains such as juice, ink or excrement can be easier to remove. On the other hand, stains like Chocolate, vomit, blood or food can present a major challenge when it comes to cleaning your carpet. The type of carpet you have in your home will influence the type of carpet cleaning technique to be applied. Some carpets will actually require special carpet cleaners or experts to clean them effectively.

Carpet stains removal tips

Carpet stains removal may be a daunting task that sometimes requires special techniques. However, it is possible to remove even the toughest stains from your carpet with the right approach. An effective way of doing this is starting with homemade carpet cleaners or consulting professional carpet cleaners in Singapore to carry out the task. Below are top 5 carpet cleaning tips that you can use to make the job easier-

Clean your carpet using homemade cleaning solution. A solution of white vinegar and water can be used for cleaning carpet stains such as juice, soda, water paint, pet urine and milk. You only need to put a half teaspoon of vinegar into 27- 32 0unces of water. Non-soluble stains such as blood, wine, vomit or mustard can be cleaned using a mixture of mild detergent and water. Get prepared by pouring each mixture in a different spray bottle and label them appropriately.

2- To ensure the stains do not stick, it would be better if you clean the stains immediately when they happen. A cleaning towel can be useful in soaking up excess moisture while cleaning. A towel will also stop the carpet stains from spreading. However, ensure you always blot instead of scrubbing the stains- scrubbing will only entrench the stain deeper making it difficult to remove.

3- According to scientific researches, club soda or clear soft drinks have acidic properties that make them effective carpet stain removers. Pour a small amount of such liquid on a stain. The liquid will get rid of the stain without destroying your carpet.

4- Use a dry vacuum cleaner on the treated area to permanently remove stains and moisture from your carpet. A vacuum cleaner is preferred instead of blotting repeatedly.

5- Tough carpet stains may be very difficult to remove. Some people end harming their carpets trying to remove the tough stains. In this case you should consider using services of professional carpet cleaners in Singapore. By leaving all the carpet cleaning tasks to the experts, you can be assured of spotlessly clean and well maintained home carpet.


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  8. Hello there,To remove a stain,simply blot the spot and dry working from the outside in,wash completely with clean water,then blot once more.Never scour the carpet, or you risk destroying the carpet fibers or letting the spill splash through to the carpet pad.Thank you.

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  10. Great tips.. Thanks for sharing. Luckily, a lot of safe household products work really well at removing stains and odors. We recently deodorized our carpet with a big box of baking soda. We smeared the box into the carpet, let it sit overnight, and then vacuumed it up the next morning. It worked really well!


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