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5 Advantages Of Hiring Carpet Shampoo Service In Singapore

5 Advantages Of Hiring Carpet Shampoo Service in Singapore 

Are sighting some visible stains on your really expensive carpet? This means you roll up your sleeves for fixing the stain yourself but the result turns out be more pathetic and really awkward stain than a previous one! This is not an imaginary situation but indeed a fact when you try to clean your carpet without any professional guidance.

Why stress yourself so much with carpet cleaning when there are affordable carpet shampoo and dry cleaning services offered by agencies in Singapore. You can simply hand over the task of cleaning carpet to a professional to gain countless advantages.

 5 Notable Advantages of Carpet Shampoo Service

Hiring a carpet shampoo service agency will not only keep your family safe and healthy as they thoroughly clean the product, there are several other advantages added to this service. The top five notable ones are:

1. Professional Knowledge 
The carpet shampoo service companies in Singapore have really vast professional knowledge in handling all types of carpets. It might be an expensive Persian carpet or a hard faux wool one, they know how to deal with the carpet materials. Manual handling may actually damage the carpets during hard stain removal sessions, but the professionals will care for your carpets to a maximum extent.

2. World Class Equipment 
When it comes to cleaning dust mites or pet hair, it requires special cleaning equipment and special vacuum cleaners. In addition to it, you would need equipments like sanitizer, dryer etc. to completely clean your carpet with shampoo. The professional shampoo cleaning service provider will have all necessary equipment to clean your carpets perfectly.

3. Safe and Healthy
Carpet cleaning is not just about keeping your interiors clean and neat. It is related to healthcare and well being of your family too. Dirty carpets lead to a lot of health problems to your family. Particularly when you have pets and kids in your house, then it is must to avail the services of professional carpet cleaning services.

4. In-depth Cleaning 
A professional carpet shampoo service provider knows how to clean carpets using warm water and other less harmful detergents. The stain might be a chocolate, food, mud, or even a wine stain; they know how to deal with the stains while cleaning your carpets with shampoo. In-depth cleaning and perfect sanitization is an essential segment of their service that gives you maximum satisfaction.

5. Not Just Carpets
The carpet shampoo service providers in Singapore not just deal with cleaning your carpets but they also deal with other ideal furnishings. You can get your linens, decors, bed linens, upholstery and even tapestries cleaned by them with maximum perfection. All you need to do is to get in contact with a carpet cleaning company but before hiring them confirm whether they provide the above services as well.

The carpet cleaning service providers in Singapore are really economical and it is also really easy to locate them. They offer 24*7 support services to their customers. Easy restoration and disaster management are their other notable services. They not just perform carpet shampoo service as their cleaning service but also offer dry cleaning and carpet sanitization service to both residential and commercial clients.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Company in Singapore?

How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Company in Singapore?
Carpet cleaning service is gaining increasing popularity in Singapore. More people are realizing the essence of keeping their carpets clean. Carpet is among the flooring materials that require frequent cleaning. This is because it absorbs dirt, dust, airborne debris, allergens and other impurities. These impurities are likely to lower the quality of the indoor air if the carpet is not cleaned properly. They can also cause respiratory infection and skin irritations especially to pet and children. To avoid these problems, it is imperative that one hires professional services of carpet cleaning company in Singapore.

Tips guide you in choosing the best carpet cleaning company

Finding a company that offer carpet cleaning solutions in Singapore is easy because you can find information about them in newspapers, pamphlets and the internet. However, you have to look for a company that delivers services that suit your needs. The following tips will greatly help you to find an ideal company that offers cost-effective carpet cleaning solutions.

1. Knowing the carpet cleaning methods used by a company

You need to ask professionals from the company the methods that they will use in cleaning your carpet. Among the methods that companies in Singapore use in cleaning carpets include carpet shampooing, bonnet cleaning, steam cleaning, encapsulation and dry cleaning. A responsible company inspects a home before deciding on the method to use in cleaning the carpet.

Its professionals assess the current condition of a carpet before concluding on the right method to use in cleaning it. This ensures that the right method is used to avoid damaging the carpet. Using wrong or inferior methods in cleaning a carpet affects its durability and appearance. Therefore, look for a professional that uses the right methods in providing its carpet cleaning service.

2. Consider the level of professionalism and experience of a company

Professional carpet cleaners know the essence of keeping a carpet clean. They also take a short time to analyze a carpet and determine the right cleaning method to use. As such, it is imperative that you look for a company whose services are offered by professionally trained cleaners. In addition, they should have been in the carpet cleaning industry for long. Experienced professionals are knowledgeable about different aspects of good carpet cleaning.

3. Choose a company that has references

A good carpet cleaning company is proud of its services. It has satisfied customers who it can refer you to when you ask for references. These will give you information about the company and what to expect when you hire its services. If a company does not have references, then its services might not be suitable for you.

4. Consider the charges

The best company to get your carpet cleaning solution from is the one that charges you a flat fee. This ensures that the company does not send you bills that are not known to you while delivering its services or even after the completion of the cleaning process.

5. Consider the technology embraced by the company

A good company to hire your carpet cleaning service from is the one that uses modern technology. This implies that the company must have quality equipments that are essential for quality carpet cleaning. In addition, a company that offers additional services such as coating the carpet with a stain resistant product and deodorizing is ideal to hire your service from.

In conclusion, a good carpet cleaning company should always be determined to offer the best and cost-effective cleaning solutions to its clients.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Can Dry Carpet Cleaning Remove Dust Mite?

Can Dry Carpet Cleaning Remove Dust Mite?

Dry Carpet Cleaning is 100% Effective against Dust mites.
Dust mite is a common problem to most people in and especially in homesteads. The mites are found in almost every home. The mites do not bite, they are usually non-parasites, and do not burrow under the skin like most of other mites. However, the dust mite causes allergy to most people; a sufficient reason why they should be seriously eliminated from homes. The allergy they cause results from their feces and body parts which are often found mixed with the dust. The tiny particles are small to the point that they may be inhaled when they become airborne. Eliminating the dust mite may yet be another problem to the people who do not know the way to do it. For this reason, many people have had problems to deal with the mite

Dust Mite Management

Dust mite management is one of the ways that enhance in reducing the population of dust mite and a factor to curb their effects to people. There are numerous ways that have been raised to try and do away with the dust mites. One of these ways is the use of Dry Cleaning method. Dry Carpet Cleaning is an essential way to eliminate dust mites because it kills the mites completely. In this case the concerned person should ensure that his or her carpet is cleaned by professional dry cleaners that will ensure that the carpets are effectively clean. This will enable to eliminate the dust mites from the house. Furthermore, for effective elimination of the dust mites, the people involved must also ensure that all the household clothing is properly dry cleaned.

Dry carpet cleaning should be done occasionally especially when one senses a recurrence of the dust mites. This can be done twice or thrice times per year depending with the presence of the dusts mites. During dry carpet cleaning, the professionals will involve some elements that help kill the dust mites. One of the chemical is dust mite anti-allergen. This can be used while dry cleaning the carpets to enhance in killing of the mite. The benefits of the allergen is that it can control against the causes of asthma, it is harmless to human beings, it is not a drug and thus environmental friendly, and finally it has been proven to give the desired results when eliminating the dust mites.

Since dry carpet cleaning is a hundred percent way of eliminating the dust mites, the professionals must ensure that they properly deal with the dust mites so that they can help mitigate the problems that are related with the drug mites. Additionally, people need to be aware of the steps to take towards elimination of the drug mites allergies. Generally, the elimination of the allergies begins with elimination of the etiology which is the dust mite. Research has proven that dry carpet cleaning is 100% efficient method of killing the dust mites. Therefore, the main way of eliminating the dust mites from the carpets is through dry cleaning.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Can Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Damage Carpet?

Can Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Damage Carpet?

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is absolutely one of the most popular methods to keep your carpet clean. The term is quite long and so companies which specialize in commercial and residential cleaning called this as 'steam cleaning' for people to easily remember the term. This carpet cleaning process went so popular simply because it is so far the best cleaning method available today.

Can Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Damage Carpet?

The answer to this question is an enormous 'NO'. If it can damage carpet, then there shouldn't be any reason among carpet manufacturers to recommend this cleaning method. Moreover, such cleaning method will not be available among professional cleaning companies if it can only damage carpets. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the quality of the carpet will eventually wear off as time goes by. However, you can keep up the good quality of your carpet for a long time provided that it undergoes proper cleaning method.

How Does Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Works?

The term 'steam cleaning' is such a big misnomer to describe how hot water extraction carpet cleaning works. As it was said earlier, the term is just for the sake that people can easily remember this particular cleaning method. The truth of the matter is that there is barely or almost no steam involved in this cleaning process. Instead of steam, hot water and cleaning agents are the main cleaning materials that are being propelled into the carpet at a very high pressure. Hot water will make it easier for the cleaning agents to activate and together with the pressure; they loosen up all sorts of dirt that has been accumulate in the carpet overtime. After that, a high-powered vacuum will be used in order to remove the hot water along with the dirt and stain from the carpet.

Should You Do The Cleaning Yourself or Should You Hire a Professional?

Do-it-yourself procedures can be applicable for residential purposes such as that in your own home. Portable carpet cleaners are now available and they really work to clean up your dirty carpet. One thing to keep in mind if you are doing the carpet cleaning yourself, it is very important that you know the right proportion of water and the cleaning agents. For some people, they find cleaning agents as destructive cleaning material fading the color of the carpet. Cleaning agents for carpets are of industrial strength that they are ten times stronger than an ordinary detergent powder used in washing clothes. The right proportion of water can help neutralize the power of the cleaning agents.

Professional cleaning however is more applicable for commercial application such as establishments like hotels, schools, condominiums and so on and so forth. Professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning will involve high-powered machines which can thoroughly clean the carpet. Because of the very powerful pressure, the hot water and the cleaning agents can go deeper than the surface of the carpet so it is assured that all the grimes within the carpet are thoroughly removed. The vacuum is very powerful as well that it leaves no traces of moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungus and some other harmful microorganism.

In general, hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is highly recommended when it comes to cleaning carpets whether for commercial or residential applications.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

5 Tips Of Removing That Carpet Stains

5 Tips Of Removing That Carpet Stains

A clean carpet not only makes your house look neat, but it also enhances the atmosphere in your home. Dirty carpets are actually the main cause of bad odor in the house. Therefore if you want to maintain a clean environment in your home you have to clean your carpets regularly. When it comes to carpet cleaning, two driving factors that you must put into consideration are types of carpet stains and the carpet type.

All stains are not the same, meaning they cannot be cleaned using similar procedures. Some are easier to remove while others are relatively harder to get rid of. Carpet stains such as juice, ink or excrement can be easier to remove. On the other hand, stains like Chocolate, vomit, blood or food can present a major challenge when it comes to cleaning your carpet. The type of carpet you have in your home will influence the type of carpet cleaning technique to be applied. Some carpets will actually require special carpet cleaners or experts to clean them effectively.

Carpet stains removal tips

Carpet stains removal may be a daunting task that sometimes requires special techniques. However, it is possible to remove even the toughest stains from your carpet with the right approach. An effective way of doing this is starting with homemade carpet cleaners or consulting professional carpet cleaners in Singapore to carry out the task. Below are top 5 carpet cleaning tips that you can use to make the job easier-

Clean your carpet using homemade cleaning solution. A solution of white vinegar and water can be used for cleaning carpet stains such as juice, soda, water paint, pet urine and milk. You only need to put a half teaspoon of vinegar into 27- 32 0unces of water. Non-soluble stains such as blood, wine, vomit or mustard can be cleaned using a mixture of mild detergent and water. Get prepared by pouring each mixture in a different spray bottle and label them appropriately.

2- To ensure the stains do not stick, it would be better if you clean the stains immediately when they happen. A cleaning towel can be useful in soaking up excess moisture while cleaning. A towel will also stop the carpet stains from spreading. However, ensure you always blot instead of scrubbing the stains- scrubbing will only entrench the stain deeper making it difficult to remove.

3- According to scientific researches, club soda or clear soft drinks have acidic properties that make them effective carpet stain removers. Pour a small amount of such liquid on a stain. The liquid will get rid of the stain without destroying your carpet.

4- Use a dry vacuum cleaner on the treated area to permanently remove stains and moisture from your carpet. A vacuum cleaner is preferred instead of blotting repeatedly.

5- Tough carpet stains may be very difficult to remove. Some people end harming their carpets trying to remove the tough stains. In this case you should consider using services of professional carpet cleaners in Singapore. By leaving all the carpet cleaning tasks to the experts, you can be assured of spotlessly clean and well maintained home carpet.

Monday, 27 May 2013

5 Ways on How to Get Rid of Carpet Mold

As a Singaporean having a carpet in your house will make you feel good while walking on the floor. Some carpets are designed to give you good feeling while walking on the floor besides adding beauty to your floor. Considering how important the carpet is to the floor sometimes it can be attacked by mold. This is mainly if it is not cleaned well .This can be because you hired somebody who had insufficient knowledge on cleaning the floor or due to a mistake that you made accidentally and you left some water under on your floor which lead to mold development. The mold can really make your carpet look ugly .It can be stressful in cleaning it but you need to try.

Here are 5 Ways on How to Get Rid of Carpet Mold.

1.Maintining your floor dry always

It is highly recommended during carpet cleaning to use methods that will not leave a lot of water or moisture on the floor. This is because the moisture will lead to development of mold which will make your carpet appear ugly. You can ensure this by contracting cleaning companies that have highly qualified professionals in the field of cleaning the floor with carpets to avoid chances of mold growing on your floor.

2. Using mold killing solution when cleaning your carpet on the affected parts

There are solutions such as chlorine dioxide that can easily eliminate the mold from your carpet. In using these solutions it is advisable to apply them to all parts of your floor. This is for you to eliminate any cases where the mold may have spread without you knowing. It will be beneficial when applying the solution to your entire floor so that you will be sure of eliminating the mold at once rather than cleaning some parts only others to develop the same problem later.

3. Cutting and replacing the affected part of the carpet

The mold may have affected your carpet greatly where it ends up developing hard stains. To easily eliminate this spots just cut off the part carefully using a sharp knife .After cutting you need to look for another piece of carpet with similar design and color and replace for convenience .This will enable you get rid of the mold on a specific part of your carpet completely.

4. Replacing the whole carpet.

You may have discovered late that your carpet is being affected with the molds. This can be a probable case if it happens that you travel for some time and during your last cleaning you left some water on the carpet. On coming back you may be surprised to find the whole r

5. Vacuuming the floor after cleaning

Molds have spores which can readily move in the air in your room .In case you notice there are parts of your house that are being affected by the mold there are high chances that they will spread to your floor. To avoid your floor from being affected you need to vacuum it regularly. Through this you will be able to remove any spores that may lead to development of molds on your floor hence eliminating the molds on your carpet.

oom with the mold. As a Singaporean you need to maintain the beauty of your house. In this case you need to look for a new carpet and replace at once.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

How To Find Reliable Rug Cleaning Company?


How To Find Reliable Rug Cleaning Company?

To ensure your rugs and furniture are cleaned in an effective and thorough manner, it is crucial to find the most suitable rug cleaning firm in Singapore. No matter the effort you apply in cleaning your rug individually, the results will never be comparable with those offered by the professionals. For this reason, you should avoid opting to do the back breaking work on your own as you make an attempt to save money. You should instead look for the most trustworthy rug cleaning companies Singapore has to offer. By finding a reliable company to clean your rugs, you will be saving yourself a lot of hassles including the expenses you would otherwise incur as a result of replacing spoilt rugs. Below are several ways of finding reliable professionals to clean your rug.

The initial step you should take is to find out the work results as well as the reliability of a company or crew that specializes in cleaning rugs. A close friend, family or a colleague can refer you to good service providers. If you have compiled a list of companies available in Singapore, then it might be necessary for you to narrow it down to those in your particular area. You can also strike off the ones on the list that have not been recommended. A company that has been recommended by at least two individuals is likely to produce desirable results while charging reasonable rates for the cleaning services. Furthermore, it is a brilliant idea to find out the charges of various companies together with their work ethics.

Companies listed in directories and business listings on the internet should additionally be called. You can call them up and make enquiries regarding the services they render. During the call, you can assess their customer service skills. In addition, make it a point of finding out the type of equipment, solutions and chemicals they use as they carry out the cleaning exercises. This should be ascertained because there are certain cleaning solutions which may not be suitable for cleaning your delicate rugs.

You should also check if they shampoo, vacuum, pre-spray and steam the rugs. Getting to know the procedures they apply is beneficial as it gives you confidence in their capabilities. Most importantly, as you make the calls to various cleaning companies, check their costs. Prior to commencement of procedures get to know if their charges are based on every room or the area as well as the specific tasks that are offered in the package deals that most of the cleaners provide.

The appropriate rug cleaning company will follow a specific and detailed procedure. When you set some time aside to find the most reliable company that has the right facilities, your rug will maintain the same condition it was when you purchased it. Stay away from companies that are not highly knowledgeable on cleaning different types of rugs because chances are they will not care for them as required. By following the simple guidelines provided, you will undoubtedly find a trustworthy company to clean your rug in Singapore.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How To Choose Reliable Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

How To Choose Reliable Commercial Carpet Cleaning?
Finding a reliable commercial carpet cleaning service provider in Singapore is not as easy as most people presume. Even with this fact, business owners in Singapore will hardly settle for nothing short of professional services. To be able to enjoy such services, there are a few aspects that need to be looked into. With clean commercial carpets, a company is able to enjoy a good reputation and also enjoy working or residing in a clean environment.

What should you consider when choosing commercial carpet cleaning services?


Professional carpet cleaning companies will offer solutions that are customized for your needs. These companies will ensure they work to meet agreed deadlines for their convenience and that of their clients too. To add to their services, a reputable company will also offer expert advice on how to care and maintain your clean carpets for longer.


It is important to work with a reliable commercial carpet cleaning service. This is because sometimes you may require carpet cleaning services quickly. Because of such eventualities, you require a carpet cleaning company that is able to deliver emergency services whenever you need them. One of the aspects that make a company reliable is their transportation facilities and the number of service providers they have.
Carpet cleaning experience
According to research, companies that have been in the commercial carpet cleaning business for longer have more experience and skills in their job. They have great personnel who are determined to maintain the good reputation their company enjoys. This ensures they deliver top notch services every time. This means you get great value for your spending.

Technological savvy

In Singapore these days most of the services are offered on a digital platform all thanks to the development in technology. A good carpet cleaning company understands that the times are changing and strives to change with the times without compromising on the quality of service they render. These days, on can find numerous carpet cleaning tools that are technologically advanced. A good company should make use of the latest technology when offering their services.

The company's reputation

The reputation of a company is very important as it will dictate the quality of the services you enjoy. Carpet cleaning companies with over the top cleaning services are dominant in the market and are known for their great cleaning job. On the other hand, a less reputable company is either new or does not offer very reliable services.

Company's legality

The government of Singapore has created a number of bodies that ensure cleaning companies in this country adhere to certain codes of conduct. To be able to run a carpet cleaning company in Singapore, as company has to be checked and certified to deliver services. Before you hire a company to clean your carpets, ensure you check that they are registered and certified to run their business. This cushions you, the consumer from fraudulent service providers.


While one should never compromise on quality service for affordable costs, it is important to ensure you get value for your money. It is possible to get top notch services for an affordable rate. Make sure you get a company that offers all the above features and charges reasonably for them.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Know the 5 Myths On Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

Know the 5 Myths On Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

Professional carpet cleaning services are very important in enhancing durability of a carpet and maintaining its impressive appearance. Unfortunately, there are myths that have made some homeowners in Singapore go for long durations without cleaning their carpets. Below are some of the common myths or misconceptions about cleaning a carpet and real facts.

1. A carpet that is one or two years old does not require cleaning.
This is among the most common myths about cleaning a carpet. Many homeowners believe that a carpet should not be cleaned until when it start looking dirty. However, this should not be the case. This is because by the time a carpet start looking dirty, dirt will have already caused damage to the fibers of the material used in its manufacture. Regular cleaning will prevent this damage from occurring on your carpet.

2. Dirt is the only reason for cleaning a carpet
This is not true. Outdoor environments contain bacteria, fungi, pollens, smoke from cars and cigarettes among other pollutants. When you get into your house, you carry them with you on your skin, hair, shoes and clothing. Most of these elements end up accumulating in the carpet. As such, cleaning your carpet is important not only for removing dirt, but other contaminants as well. Regular carpet cleaning helps in preventing allergies, emphysema, asthma and other respiratory problems among your family members and visitors.

3. There is no need for hiring a professional carpet cleaner
Some homeowners think that as long as they have a carpet cleaning machine in their homes, they can clean the carpet on their own. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing to do to your carpet. Using these machines leave a carpet with excessive water that is hard to extract. Drying your carpet may take several days during which it will be open to mildew, mold and premature breakdown. Your carpet will also look dingy and dull prematurely because using these machines causes soap residue to build in it.

4. Any company can deliver effective carpet cleaning services as long as it has the right equipment
This is a misconception. There are many companies that have hot-water cleaning equipment but only few of them have trained professionals who can use them properly. Therefore, choose a company to clean your carpet carefully. The best company has trained professionals who knows how to use appropriate cleaning equipment properly.

5. One should hire a company that charge the lowest price for its services
This is not true. Some companies use low prices to lure homeowners so that they can hire their poor cleaning services. A company that gives you the cheapest quote via an advert may not deliver the kind of services that you want. Others may not be advertising the actual price that they charge for their services. Their services come with add-on charges. Therefore, take time to find a company that charges a reasonable price for the best quality cleaning service. This will ensure that the right chemicals and methods are used in cleaning your carpet.

Basically, if you want your carpet to last long and maintain its original look you should have professional cleaning services on regular basis. A professional provider of cleaning services will listen to you and clear doubts that you may be having about carpet cleaning.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Where Can I Find Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Singapore?

Where Can I Find Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Singapore?

Cleaning you carpet can be a hard task especially in really bad weather when you are hoping the sun can help you dry the carpet. It is even harder if your carpet is fixed and full of spots, stains and spillage that cannot come out. This is where you need professionals. Many people are afraid of getting professionals to handle their carpets for a number of reasons, many assume that the cleaning services will be expensive and the chemicals used to clean harmful especially if they have babies in the house that spend half their time of the carpet.

This can be true or false depending on the company you are using to get your carpet cleaning with. The right company will put your mind to rest concerning these and many more worries that come with the territory. Singapore has very many cleanings services that will promise heaven and deliver hell at the end of the day. Getting a reliable company to deal with your carpet woes comes with more than just dialling a number and getting the mean with machines to your house. Some good research and insight into what company you should work with will save you time and worry when it comes to your carpet cleaning needs.

Our company is known for the best home services in Singapore. This is not your usual marketing gimmick. The company comes with services that have been known in the country for a while now as both reliable and effective. You do not want to take chances with your investment and home. Cleaning carpets is their area of expertise besides doing a complete house cleaning. They also deal with many other services including laundry meaning that this is one company that you can rely on totally.

They come with eco friendly carpet cleaning which means that they are extra careful about the environment when cleaning. If you were worried about the chemicals and the state of your house after the work is done, worry no more. This company will clean using environmental friendly cleaners and still dispose of the same effectively making them a company you want to keep in business for a long time.

The domino effect that comes with using materials that are not eco friendly is damaging to the immediate environment a fact that our company is known too well. Your carpet will be left better than before with all the stains handled and the fluff looking fresher. They will clean and dry the carpet eh same day fast and reliably allowing you to get back to your home conveniently.

They can be reached online and have their contacts on their same page. They also have impeccable customer services for your feedback or follow up needs making them a responsible cleaning partner.

Do not fall for the tricks and the lies that companies present through many advertisements. The best services will speak for themselves.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

7 Tips You Must Know Before Hiring Carpet Cleaning Service In Singapore

7 Tips You Must Know Before Hiring Carpet Cleaning Service In Singapore
While it might be difficult to clean a carpet on your own, you might not find it worthwhile to purchase a new one each year because the old one has stains or dirt you cannot get rid of. A good idea would be hiring a professional carpet cleaning service provider who is capable of handling the task effectively. Below are some guidelines you might need whenever you need to hire a carpet cleaning service in Singapore.

Start with recommendations and referrals from friends
If you have not hired a carpet cleaning service before or you are new to Singapore and have not yet familiarized with the best providers, it would be easier and convenient to consider recommendations from trusted friends. Ask them to pinpoint a company which is capable of providing quality services at an affordable price. This will give you a head start on what to do next. You can start researching into the best companies by reading reviews from previous companies or calling contact references if any are provided.

Look into the carpet cleaning methods used by the company
This is just another way of saying that you need to know what tools and chemicals the company will use to clean your carpet. Are they effective and do they have any damage to the fabric. In some cases, a homeowner might prefer eco-friendly chemicals if they are environmental enthusiasts.

Licensing and insurance
It is important to check whether a company has the required licensing needed to run operations in Singapore. Besides being proof of competence, you do not want to hire a company which runs illegally and end up in undesirable situations. An insured company ensures peace of mind should an accident occur during the cleaning process.

Experience is one of the factors you should never overlook whenever you need to hire a service provider. A company which has been in the business for a long period of time is good at what it does and capable of troubleshooting common problems should any occur.

Customer satisfaction
A company which is dedicated to serving its clients is obviously better than one which neglects them. Before hiring a carpet cleaning service provider in Singapore, check to see if their customer care support desk is responsive. The time it takes for them to complete the task is important too.

How well the staff behaved?
Staff might be exceptionally skillful in cleaning but that does not make it pass the professionalism test. A good company should employ polite staff which does not spy on your house or pick things from it when working. Again, reviews from previous customers will help you decide if you want a particular company in your home or not.

Although most people tend to prioritize price, this should be the last thing you look at. You want affordable services but a company should not necessarily compromise on quality just because they clean your carpet at the cheapest rate. Consider a service provider with ideal charges for what they offer.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Carpet Cleaning - For a Healthy And Hygienic Environment

Carpet Cleaning - For a healthy And Hygienic Environment

Carpets are one of the most integral home d├ęcor items. It is decoratively versatile and an important element in interior decoration. Besides adding an aesthetic appeal to your homes it also has great functional value especially during the cold winter months. Yes, it is both a comfort and fashion choice of every home. It is highly inevitable that carpets have to cleaned and maintained on a routine basis to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment at home.

Importance of carpet cleaning:
Carpets are expensive investments and hence regular vacuuming and annual deep cleaning is essential to maintain it. Carpets used in homes and offices are susceptible to dirt and grime over a period of time. Dirty and soiled carpets pose serious health hazards in the form of bacteria, mites and germs.

Carpets need to cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of grime and dirt. Carpet cleaning is important to remove the accumulated soil, dust and allergens from the carpet. It also assures utmost durability by extending the life of your carpet. By removing the dust and soil particles from the carpet it serves as an indoor air filter and improves the indoor air quality of your homes. To ensure best results and to restore carpets to former glory it is essential that you hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner.

Why to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner:
In spite of regular vacuuming if your carpets look dull then it is a clear indication that it should be deep cleaned. Hiring an experienced professional is the best way to do it in the safest, fastest and easiest way. Moreover removing the fussy dirt and dust it quite an intimidating and daunting task.

Professional carpet cleaners implement special technology to get it cleaned with perfection in minutes. Stains are also hard to remove. Carpet cleaners are skilled technicians who get rid of the stains effectively by incorporating various non-toxic solutions and organic products. They implement the use of latest products which do not pollute the environment. They are also adept in using the latest equipment with powerful vacuum pickup and assure a perfect carpet cleaning experience. To maintain your carpets beauty and life make sure that they are professionally cleaned.

Benefits of carpet cleaning:
1. Regular carpet cleaning is the best way to maintain your carpets in a perfect condition.

2. Cleaner carpets ensure a cleaner home by minimizing the amount of allergens and harmful particles in your home.

3. Carpets serve as huge filters. Regular carpet cleaning assures a healthier carpet by getting rid of hardened dirt, dust mites and other microscopic contaminants.

4. It sanitizes and removes foul odors to make them smell fresher and cleaner.

5. The main purpose of carpet cleaning is to prolong the lifespan and appearance of your carpets and finally save on your money too.

Regular and systematic carpet cleaning is essential for a healthy living environment. Carpet cleaning is necessary not only for their aesthetic appearance but also to maintain perfect health and hygiene. Clean carpets ensure clean homes.