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Tips on How to Remove Mildew Smell from Your Carpet

Mildew smell from your carpet can severely affect your health. Mastering essential tips on how to remove mildew and mold embedded in the carpets is crucial to all homeowners. Allergic symptoms like watery eyes, fatigue, headache, nasal congestion, sneezes, and runny noses are primarily caused by mildew and mold. People suffering from other respiratory diseases, the elderly, and children are at a higher risk of suffering from such allergens.

Always ensure your home is free from molds and mildew. Mildew and mold thrive in damp areas, and carpets form the best breeding grounds. Microbes usually multiply in environments where soil combines with wet conditions. The type of your carpet will determine the best method of cleaning. Also, consider the sub-flooring and padding. More cleaning will be necessary if the pile is thicker than thin.

What Do You Need to Remove Mildew?

- Carpet cleaning machine
- Bleach/ammonia
-Dish Washing detergent (mild soap)
-Mold/mildew testing kit
-Rubber gloves
-Mask or Bandanna
-Goggles/eye protection
-Baking soda

How Should You Remove the Mildew Smell?

1. Protection
When preparing to remove mildew smell from the carpet, you need to protect your hands, eyes, and mouth. Mildew and mold are extremely toxic, and you should never breathe or get those toxins near your skin. Make sure you have some eye protection like goggles, mask or bandanna for your mouth, as well as, gloves for your hands.

2. Investigation
Cleaning the carpet alone will not necessarily help you to overcome the mildew and mold menace. You can test for mildew and mold using different techniques. You can purchase a test kit that incorporates a tape that the user can place on the surfaces. You can then send it to a certified lab for thorough analysis. Other advanced kits can help you to check the air for mildew and molds. You can hire a professional cleaner instead of performing the air test which is quite expensive.

Additionally, take the time to investigate your home for any leaks, wetness or dampness. If you happen to locate some leaks, search for the actual source and try to fix the problem. You can hire an expert plumber if you think the leak is quite serious. Mildews and molds thrive in damp conditions. Therefore, controlling leaks will minimize the ability to multiply. You can use a dry cloth or towel to clean moisture leaks. Wet and warm places are suitable for molds to thrive. You should also perform a thorough mildew test on your carpet.

3. Removing the Mildew Smell
Removing the mildew smell is the most challenging part. A mildew deodorizer can assist you in this.

- Select a superior quality spray that has been certified for safety.
- You should also ensure that it will not affect the carpet colors.
- You should first read and understand the warranty of your carpet.
- Never use a chemical that is potentially harmful to the carpet.
- Make sure that your carpet is completely dry before spraying your disinfectant.
- Alternatively, Baking soda can be used to eliminate mildew smell from your carpet.
- You can make a solution of water and baking soda with a mild detergent.
- Next, scrub the carpet with your hands. You can use soap and water to clean the padding.
- You also need to concentrate on the sub-floor and padding. Consider replacing the padding if it is extremely damaged.

4. Cleaning the Mildew
Mildew bacteria is quite irritating, and steam cleaning is among the best alternatives that you can consider. You need to follow a simple procedure to achieve your cleaning goals:

-Vacuum the area thoroughly and try to ascertain the amount of mildew that has been eliminated.
- Steam cleaning is another reliable option.
- Ensure the steam is hot enough to remove all the mildew.
- Steam cleaning is best suited for thin carpets.
- You have to pay more attention to the padding when cleaning thick carpets.
- Use a detergent solution to clean the stained parts.
- Allow your detergent to rest on the stained part for a while.
- After rinsing the affected area, blot the detergent off using a clean towel.
- You can use a high-intensity fan to ensure that your carpet is completely dry.

Important Considerations When Removing Mildew Smell from Your Carpet

- You can apply fans over the stained parts to dry the carpet quickly
- Allow the fans to operate for eight hours.
-You can spray the area with your deodorizer if the mildew smell persists after cleaning and drying your carpet.
- It is vital to sprinkle baking soda over your carpet after removing the mold or mildew.
- Baking soda helps to absorb and neutralize the mildew smell.
- Allow the baking soda to rest in your carpet for at least twelve hours.
- You can then vacuum it.
- A dehumidifier can also assist you to get rid of all the moisture and perhaps leave your carpet free of mildew
- If the mildew odor fails to go away, you can hire a professional carpet cleaner to assist you in cleaning and disinfecting your carpet properly.
- Only hire an expert carpet cleaner who utilizes commercial grade fungicides to treat mildew and mold.

Replacing a Mildew and Mold-Infested Carpet

Sometimes it is advisable to replace some of the affected parts. Check whether your carpet includes any parts that show exceptionally stubborn mildew stains. You can use a typical carpet repair kit to replace the stained parts.

- Use your carpet knife to remove the damaged areas.
- Follow the guidelines on the repair kit to glue on the various replacement fibers.
- Allow them enough time to dry
- Your carpeted parts should appear as nice as new.
- You can contact mildew and mold removal expert if the mildew or mold has exceptionally spread in the subs-flooring beneath.

How to Keep Your Carpet Mildew and Mold-Free

After removing the mildew and mold smell from your carpet successfully, you have to take the necessary measures to prevent the menace from recurring. You need to know that moisture is the primary cause of mildew and mold.

-Always clean any spills as soon as possible
-Always watch for leaks from the roofing and ceiling of your house.
-You can also perform mildew and mold test more often to prevent the problem.
-Work with professional mold removals and carpet cleaners to keep your home safe.


Mastering the above tips on how to remove mildew smell from your carpet may save you lots of health problems. Getting rid of odor that has lasted for many days is not an easy task. You may need to hire expert carpet cleaners to remove the sinister problem. Living in a home that is free from mildew and mold growth is one of the surest ways of ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe from allergens.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tips On Removing Dog Urine From Carpet

They are cute, they are cuddly, they are extremely beautiful and lights up the room. Dogs are a man’s best friend. But this best friend can sometimes make a mess of some things. You just brought in that new carpet and Tommy decided that is his new bathroom. Or maybe you were rearranging your carpet only to find a surprise. These things happen. The question remains, how do you remove the dog’s urine stain from the carpet?

There are two types of stain however. There is a fresh stain that is probably wet and an old stain. We are going to break down the tips of how you can remove both of these stains and restore your carpet into its former glory.

Washing out new stains

Absorbing the mess;
Use a wet towel or those which are topped by a heavy weight to quickly absorb the fresh puddle. You have to run the paper towels on cold water to wring them. Make sure they are have a bit of dumpness but not dripping. Place them on the affected area then place something heavy on them. The moisture from the towels help soak up the stain. Leave these towels on the area for around 10 minutes.

Use water to re-wet the spot;
After you have removed the wet towels, pour a bit of cold on the spot. To avoid the stain from spreading to an even wider circle, it’s advisable to start pouring the water from the outside perimeter coming to the center of the stain. Give the water about a minute or so, to work on the stain.

Splatter enyzymecleaner over the area
This helps to clear out the stain and odor. The non-toxic enzymes helps break down the stain into their basic compounds. Using these enzymes, it’s the best method of breaking the compounds of the proteins left behind by the urine. This will also eradicate the impulse for the dog to urinate on the same spot once again.

Use anothertowel for absorbing the cleaner
Just like you did in the first step to absorb the stain, use the fresh set of towels to soak in the cleaner. Remember to weigh them down. Clean the spot thoroughly before with the cleaner before placing the towel.

Allow the towel to stay on the spot overnight;
When you pull up the towel from the spot in the morning, both the stain and smell should be gone.

Cleaning Old Stains:

Locate the stain;
Pets are pretty good on hiding their 'bathrooms’. Once the stain has dried up, it becomes a bit difficult to locate. You can however know where it’s located by simply following the odor or by using Ultraviolet light to explore.

The best time can be at night or you can make the room dark.

Once you have located them, mark the areas so that you can know where to start cleaning.

Try an enzyme cleaner;
Once you have located all the scenes of crime, start by pouring a little cold water. Just like you did with the fresh stain, pour the water beginning from the outer perimeter coming towards the center.

Spray the enzyme cleaner and let it stay overnight. In case yiur carpet is made of wool, make sure you are using wool –safe cleaner.

Use the wet paper towels or towels over the spot;
Run the towels on cold water but make sure they are not dripping. Use a heavy object to hold these towels on top of the spot and let it stay overnight. When you remove the towels in the morning, you can assess and see whether you need to take more extreme measures.

Steam-clean the old carpet;
The rented steam cleaner can do the trick. The cleaner does produce steam that is hot enough to sanitize the carpet.

You can do this yourself but if you find the spot large or stained, you may consider hiring a professional cleaning company.

If necessary, use oxidation;
This is an excellent alternative to using a steam cleaner. Oxidizing products are effective in removing odor. You can make an oxidizing product yourself.

Mix two tea spoon of bleach with 950ML of distilled water. Do a test on a minor part of the carpet to see if it’s safe to use on your carpet. It should be noted, Oxidizing products should NOT be used on silk or wool carpets. Use them for synthetic fibers only.

Using Other Remedies:

The vacuum method;
Wet the spot and vacuum it as many times it will require to clear out the stain. Don’t let the water stay. Vacuum it as soon as possible, usually within seconds after each application.

For tough stain, add a bit of salt into the water. Make sure you never use soap with this method as the residue left over the carpet will attract dirt.

Vinegar and baking soda method
Spray the spotted are with vinegar and enough suficient baking soda to cover the spot. Cover up with a towel and leave it for 24 hours. Wash the spot with cold water thoroughly. The area should be cleaned and the stain gone. It’s cheaper and affordable.

Dish soap method and hydrogen peroxide method
Stain the spot with with a minor coat of baking soda. Stir the cup of hydrogen peroxide with a table spoon together with dish soap. Place the mixture in a spraying bottle and shake gently. Saturate the spot sufficienty with baking soda. You can use an old toothbrush to massage the area. Let the mixture dry up. Vacuum up the dried mixture and clean with cool water.

Keep in mind, hydrogen peroxide can damage some types of carpets. Do a small test to ensure it doesn’t leave an irreparable stain.

Avoid the use of Ammonia
Ammonia should never be an option for cleaning the pet stain. This is due to its high alkaline. It usually leaves a sticky residue and destroys carpet fibers attracting debris and dirt. Ammonia also contains some salts and uric acids that are present in urine. This will make it tempting for your pet to mark the territory. Stay away from Ammonia.


Just because you carpet has been stained, it doesn’t mean you have to throw it away or kick your dog out. These methods have proven effective in settling and diffusing the Mexican standoff between your carpet and your dog.

If you have tried all the above methods and the stain still remains, please seek the help of a professional.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

How To Check If Your Carpet Is Really Clean?

Do you think your carpet is clean? Well, wait till the end of this article before you answer! Carpet cleaning is more than a house chore that you perform routinely to make your home look neat and tidy. There are a lot of health issues involved in carpet cleaning. If you find this statement odd and hard to believe, consider the following facts:

· Carpets are a major cause of indoor air pollution.
· Carpets can contain twice their weight of dirt.
· The dirt your carpet holds increases the risk of diseases for you, your family and your pets.
· Around 90% of public facilities, health care centers, schools and companies no longer use carpets as a way to improve air quality and reduce the risk of infectious diseases.
· In Singapore, Mold, fungi, toxins, mildews, bacteria and pests are commonly cited as present in carpet fibers and tissues.
· The average family in Singapore relies on the traditional Do-It-Yourself cleaning methods, such as vacuuming and a wash in the backyard of their house.
· Traditional Do-It-Yourself cleaning can cause damages to the tissue of your carpets, without killing the pests and bacteria held in the fibers.
· In the humid parts of Singapore, allergens and dust mites find a fertile background to multiply inside your carpets. These hazardous effects of such allergens shouldn’t be underestimated as they may cause congestion, sneezing and even acute colds.

Six ways to Check If Your Carpet Is Really Clean?

Carpet cleaning is not an easy chore to do. It is equally important to know when you need to send your carpet for cleaning. It is not enough to judge by the look of the carpet, since most of the dirt and bacteria are held in fibers and are not visible to the eye. Below are the five signs that indicate that your carpet cleaning is due:

1. Traffic Lanes: The name might seem strange, but the expression “traffic lanes” is used to refer to the dirtiest places on your carpet. Frequent use and stains make some part of the carpet difficult to clean. Traffic lanes are usually found on those parts of the carpet where people walk frequently on like the entrance of your room/office, the parts that you hide under furniture, and in hallways. Traffic lanes make your carpet look thinner, older and uglier. Regular vacuuming can reduce the risks of traffic lanes on your carpet. A powerful vacuum cleaner can help lift the fibers of the carpet and eliminate these lanes. Sometimes, the traffic lanes are too old to be removed by vacuuming, in this case it is better to seek the help of professional cleaners using advanced technologies like steaming. Experts recommend to regularly displace and vacuum your carpets to prevent the formation of traffic lanes.

2. Burns and Paint Stains: Carpets are one of the most sensitive pieces of furniture around the house. Burns are very common on carpets. They are accidently caused by a fall of your iron while you use your iron near the carpet, or ash from cigarettes and candles. Like the burns on the human body, carpet burns can come in three different levels, depending on how long the carpet has been exposed to fire. First, if the iron or ash is immediately removed from the carpet, no burning takes place. There are only some scorches that can be easily removed with the help of sandpaper. Second, fire can stay long enough to cause some superficial burns on the carpet, but not long enough to go deeper into the fiber. This type of burns can also be processed using sandpapers. However, in some cases the burns are so deep that can’t be removed, and the only option is replacing that part of the carpet. Prevention is better than cure, so watch out for signs of burns and scorches and try to remove them immediately.

3. Odors: You might like to think of your carpet as a filter. It absorbs dust and materials and you won’t be able to smell them unless the carpet is really full. Once it is full you will be inhaling a wide range of hazardous stuff, such as dust mites, pollen, dander, spores, fungus, bacteria and carcinogens. The presence of repellent odors in your carpets is again an indication that your carpet cleaning is due. As with traffic lanes, traditional Do-It-Yourself cleaning methods may not work. Professional cleaning is efficient to give your carpet a fresh scent. In Singapore, professional carpet cleaning companies are abundant, which makes the cost rather affordable.

4. Water Damage: Water and other liquid spilling is another hazard that might damage your carpet. Water stains ruins the texture of your carpet, makes it smell bad after a while and eventually causes mold. Mold not releases bad odors, but can also cause asthma-related complications. Professional cleaners have machines to treat even the most serious cases of mold. It is highly recommended to regularly inspect the back of your carpet for mold. If it gets to the base of the carpet, it is rather difficult to remove with traditional Do-It-Yourself cleaning methods, and professional help should be sought. Ventilating your house has proved to be highly effective in reducing the risk of molds on carpets.

5. Discoloration and stains: Discoloration on carpets is basically caused by furniture sitting on the carpet. Placing furniture on carpets is a common practice to prevent the carpet from being displaced. Mothers resort to this technique to prevent children from messing around with the carpet. Like traffic lanes, discoloration reduces the shining effect of your carpet. Discoloration can also be caused by food spilling. Treating carpet discoloration can’t be done unless the causes are known.

Stains and discoloration come as a result of two sets of causes: from wear or from chemicals. Yellowing, graying and browning are examples of discoloration caused by wear. Yellowing is common on carpets in poorly-lit areas, while graying and browning happen in high-traffic parts of the carpet. Discoloration and stains should be removed with the help of professional cleaning, that can be got easily in Singapore.

Should you notice one of these signs on your carpet, don’t hesitate to seek professional cleaning services. Remember that by cleaning your carpet you are not only protecting the carpet, but your health and that of your family.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Carpet Steam Cleaning- The Pros & Cons

A clean carpet not only increases comfort in your home or office, but it’s also beneficial to your health as harmful bacteria, fungus, bugs, and pet hair which causes allergies and other health complications are removed completely. Cleaning keeps your carpet clean and fresh, and also increases its lifespan.

Steaming is one of the most common and popular methods of carpet cleaning in many homes and offices in Singapore. Also known as “Hot Water Extraction,” carpet steaming is an excellent option to consider when you want to deep clean your carpet.
How Carpet Steaming Works
Carpet steam cleaning is an effective method for carpet cleaning due to its ability to not only deep clean the carpet, but also to deodorize it, killing the harmful bacteria present. Typically, the method is effective and has many benefits. However, just like other carpet cleaning methods, steam carpet cleaning comes with its own problems, or rather disadvantages.

If you’re considering carpet steaming for your home or office carpet, you should know that this method has its merits and demerits. After discovering these pros and cons, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on whether to use it or not.

Steam Carpet Cleaning- Pros

Deep Cleans the Carpet
· One of the reasons why carpet steam cleaning is a popular carpet cleaning method in Singapore is because of its ability to deep cleanse the carpet. The method does not only remove the dirt particles and stains on the carpet; it goes much further to remove even the toughest stains caught up in the carpet fibers.

· Steam cleaning employs heat, water, and detergent. The hot water combined with detergent saturates the carpet, mixes with dirt and debris, which is then extracted by a high powered vacuum. The method is practically very effective and so you can be sure that no residue is left on the carpet. Your carpet is left looking good as new!

Disinfects, Deodorizes, and Degreases Carpet Surface
· Just like how hot water kills germs and bacteria in clothes and dishes, carpet steam cleaning works the same way. The hot, pressurized water disinfects your carpet to kill all germs and bacteria present. Carpets can harbor thousands of bacteria especially if the carpet is occasionally cleaned. This reduces the risk of developing bacteria-related health complications.

· Taking too long to clean your carpet can cause bad odor to fill your house or office. At home, coffee/tea/milk spills are common. Food particles that fall on the carpet rot to produce the worst smells ever. Steam carpet cleaning is very efficient in eliminating bad odors from the carpet. Deep cleansing with hot water allows for complete removal of the culprits causing the smells.

If your carpet is full of grease, carpet steam cleaning is arguably the best method for degreasing.

Eliminates Mould and Fungus
· Mould and fungus are usually caused by spills on the carpet. No other carpet cleaning method can remove mould and fungus as effectively as steaming. The use of hot water under high pressure flushes out mould and fungus growths from your carpet. The water also kills the bacteria causing mold and fungus growth.

· Considering that these two culprits cause allergies and aggravate asthma, using carpet steam cleaning method can help you get rid of the harmful mold and fungus on your carpet.

Removes Difficult Stains
· Some stains on carpets are hard to remove. To remove them, one has to use harsh chemicals that tend to damage the carpet fibre. Your carpet may become worn out after a short time due to the use of such chemicals.

· Now when it comes to removing difficult stains on the carpet, the steaming method is very effective. Hot water plus detergent removes even the toughest stains. The advantage of carpet steaming cleaning method is that it leaves your carpet intact after removing stains- no damage of fibre occurs.

Most Used Carpet Cleaning Method in Singapore
· Carpet steaming is arguably the most popular method of cleaning carpets in Singapore. Most homes and offices rely on this method as it's effective in removing dirt and stains that otherwise couldn’t have been removed through regular cleaning. It’s also popular because it extends the lifespan of the carpet, which eliminates the need to purchase a new one.

· Carpet steaming done by professional carpet cleaners is effective and long-lasting.

Carpet Steam Cleaning- Cons

While there are many advantages of using carpet steaming method to clean your carpet, the method comes with a few cons. It’s important to note them so that you’re better prepared.

Carpet Takes Too Long To Dry
· With all the hot water injected onto the carpet during cleaning, it’s expected that the carpet might take a longer time to dry as compared to other methods such as dry cleaning. This is of course the most common problem of steaming carpets.

Time Consuming
· Carpet steaming usually takes a long time to complete, especially when there are many carpets to clean. This often causes the carpet to emanate bad odors before drying out.

Requires Top Quality and Expensive Extraction Equipment
· To ensure maximum efficiency and complete removal of dirt, stains, grease, and other impurities on the carpet, high-quality extraction equipment must be used. This means that hiring such equipment can be very costly.

· The good news is that although the equipment are expensive, they are worth the cost as they are very efficient.

Requires Professionals
· Carpet steam cleaning is not a job you can handle by yourself. It requires professional carpet cleaners who are highly skilled and experienced. Therefore, as much as you want to save money, you get no chance because your carpet can only be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners in Singapore.

It’s Costly
· You’ll be required to pay a high fee after getting the services of professional carpet cleaners. This is due to the lengthy and complicated procedure involved, not to mention the cost of operating and maintaining their highly-efficient equipment.

Potential Damage to Carpet Fibre
· The intensive heat used to clean the carpet may cause potential damage to the fibre, making the carpet weak and visually unappealing. It’s a risk you have to take when you choose carpet steam cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning is arguably the most popular carpet cleaning in Singapore. Even with the few disadvantages, it’s pretty clear that the pros outnumber the cons. It will leave your carpet clean, beautiful, looking good as new, not to mention extending its lifespan.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Common Equipment Used for Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and mats help to keep the living rooms, bedrooms and even office space comfortable and cozy. Thus, the carpets and mats have to be cleaned and kept well. The carpet cleaning is a complex method to do, but it should be done properly so that they remain free from any types of germs and toxins. Also, the look of the carpet will remain clean and fresh. It is important to clean the carpet at regular intervals but in Singapore the climate is hot, humid and rainy. To clean the carpet in the monsoon period is not a good idea. As because of the raining the carpet will not get dry. So, it is better to clean it in the warm or hot season. The climate then will be hot and the carpet will get dry easily after washing. Along with this, it will be easy to make some arrangements outdoors for the carpet to get dry and to keep it out until it gets fully dry.

In Singapore, the most common carpet fibers which normally occur are Nylon, Wool, Cotton, and Acrylic. Each fiber amongst the four is a unique one. They have their own characteristics. Thus, there is not a single method which can fit to clean all the four carpets. It involves the different method to clean different types of the carpet based on their fiber type. Likewise, the cleaning method the different types of cleaning equipment’s are also used for different types of carpet and for different methods of their cleaning.

Some common equipment which are usually used for carpet cleaning in Singapore and in other parts of the world are:

- High-pressure cleaner
- Vacuums
- Scrubber dryers,
- Pressure washers
- Steam cleaner

With the emergence of latest technology, now there are numbers of machines are available for carpet cleaning, which is used today but the above equipment’s are most common. These equipment are in use with the equipment’s of the latest technology as the new one are versatile, transportable floor cleaner and chemical free cleaning equipment.

There are three methods of carpet cleaning, which includes the different equipment’s /machines as per the requirement.

- Hot Water Extraction
- Dry Carpet Cleaning
- Carpet Shampooing

Hot Water Extraction 

Hot Water Extraction is the most common method of carpet cleaning in Singapore. Most people and the companies also prefer this method. This method is also known as Steam Cleaning’. For this, hot water extraction carpet cleaning there are two types of machines available these are

a) The portable equipment 
This common equipment is the smaller one and much easier to carry around for the carpet cleaning. The portable equipment is capable of generating hot water and steam. With this, you just need to mix the soaps. This small portable equipment is more suitable for the cleaning of smaller mat or carpet. As these equipment are both small and portable, it could be used easily. In fact, non-professionals could also use these equipment. However, for perfect cleaning, these equipment may not come handy.

b) Truck-mounted equipment
For the larger and bigger carpet cleaning it requires the bigger equipment. Thus, truck-mounted equipment is suitable for the cleaning and washing of the large carpets.

Thus, the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning depends on the type of need of the carpet cleaning. In this method, the hot cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet under the pressure. It then quickly gets extracted with the help of vacuum source which is the most common equipment.

Hot water extraction method uses more water than the other method, but still most people recommend this water extraction method of carpet cleaning. This is because of the deep and systematic cleaning, which this method involves. This method includes the use of alkalis and acetic acids, which aids to remove the germs completely and without causing any damage to the carpets. After this the hot water, steam gets applied to the carpet, which aids to sterilize and sanitize the carpet from the germs and toxins. Along with this, it is eco-friendly one and safe method of carpet cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In this method of carpet cleaning sometimes, the cleaning product is mixed with the carbonated water and then it gets misted onto the carpet through the spray. Lots of dry carpet cleaning methods are relying on the specialized equipment. The common equipment which is used in dry carpet cleaning includes the manufactured products through brush and clean, host dry, and Whittaker system.

Carpet Shampooing

This type of method which is used in the carpet cleaning includes the use of motorized circular brushes. This is also the other common equipment of the carpet cleaning. Through this, the foaming cleaning products are then sprayed on the surface of the carpet. It then scrubbed into the carpet or mat. This then cleaned through the rotary equipment which is followed by the wet vacuum process.

The floor scrubber, high-pressure cleaner, vacuums, scrubber drier, pressure washers, steam cleaner all these common equipment of carpet cleaning are used on different types of carpet according to their suitability. However, amongst all the use of vacuum and steam equipment if more as compared to the other equipment.

The floor scrubber equipment is generally used in the industries where hygiene is the most important thing. These industries include health- care, aged care, hospitality and contractor markets etc..

The latest technology cleaning machines consist the common equipment like floor scrubbers, steam cleaners, and steam vacuums. This equipment is the most in use for the carpet cleaning in the early times and also in the latest machines of carpet cleaning.

With this combining of earlier equipment’s and the new machines, it became overcome through some of the drawbacks of the carpet cleaning methods. Now, with this combination they can reduce the water consumption during the cleaning process. They also provide the fastest chemical-free cleaning alternatives. All the three gives outstanding results of carpet cleaning and that too in short times along with the less physical efforts.

Amongst the three the floor scrubber and the steam cleaners are more popular common equipment and if the first choice for the commercial cleaners who are conscious of the environment.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Carpet Cleaning Chemical

It is not as difficult as such to clean your carpet. However, it can be tricky at some point, especially if you are using a carpet cleaning chemical. The chemicals for cleaning the carpet are used to make the stains on the carpet come out easily. Not only do they get rid of the stain and other dirt on the carpet, but they also help to give the carpet a nice smell. When using these chemicals, some people tend to make some faults, which end up to be costly both to them and to the carpet.
Here are some of the common mistakes that are made by people when they are using the carpet cleaning chemicals;

1. Using The Wrong Product
When you are out in the market to look for a cleaning chemical for your carpet, you will need to know that not every stain on the carpet will be removed in the same strategy. You should also know that there are multiple of carpet cleaning products out in the market. For that, you must ensure that you choose the right chemical to remove a particular stain. For instance, if you have a coffee stain on the carpet, it will be removed easily using vinegar or alcohol. Technically, you must ensure that you are using the right product or chemical to remove the particular stain that is on the carpet. It doesn’t mean that you need to understand all the chemicals that are out on the market and know the one that you should use. However, you can contact a professional to guide you in finding the right chemical to use.

2. Not Testing The Chemical
A common mistake that people make, is using a particular chemical without being aware of its results or effects of the carpet. It is always advised to know what the chemical could do to your carpet, prior to cleaning with it. You can select a section of your carpet, mostly on the ends, where it is not mostly visible. This can be a section that is mostly covered with the furniture or at the furthest corner of the room. You can then test and see the possible effect of the chemical. Alternatively, if you have a carpet cleaning company, you can ask them to try out the chemical for you, before you can buy it. It is better to know what could be the possible impacts the chemical on your carpet.

3. Using Deodorizing Powder For Cleaning
Too many people use a deodorizing powder to clean their carpets in the hope of having a clean and fresh smelling carpet. On the contrary, these powders will not get rid of stain or dirt from the carpet. They have not been designed to remove stains or the dirt, rather, they will only remove the bad odors from the carpet. For that, you should also use them when you have completely cleaned the carpet. Basically, these powders will only give your carpet a nice smell. But they should not be used frequently or in large amounts. If they are too much on the carpet, it can be difficult for the carpet to suck out all the powder.

4. Mixing The Chemicals
Another mistake that people make is that they mix chemicals, with an aim of getting a stronger solution. This is a very disastrous mistake, which can affect the carpet and the person as well. When two chemicals are combined, the strength is doubled and a strong solution is formed. As a result, a new chemical will be formed, which will start to perform on the fibers of the carpet. This will deteriorate the fibers and it can also change the color of the carpet. For that, do not mix the chemicals at any point. The chemical can also produce a strange smell, which might stick to the carpet.

5. Mixing The Chemicals Without Gloves
You might think that the normal bleach is harmless to the hand of any other chemical, but too much use of them can severely affect the skin. When you mix the chemicals without the right gloves, then you will have serious burns on the hand within a while. There are some that are instant on the skin, which will cause a burning effect immediately you touch them. For that, you must ensure that you use your gloves whenever you are using a carpet cleaning chemical.

6. Using Too Much Chemical To Remove A Stain
There are some people who tend to believe that if they use a certain chemical in excess, then they can get rid of the stain easily. Well, this might be true at some point, but there is something that comes with it. Usually, there is a certain limit of concentration that is recommended for the cleaning chemical. If you use the chemical in a higher concentration, it might will get rid of the stain. However, it will keep working on the carpet, which will end up changing the color of the carpet and eating up the fabric. For that, only use a specified concentration of the chemical.

7. Not Cleaning Out The Chemical Completely
Another mistake that is made by people is when they fail to wash out the chemical completely from the carpet. Whichever cleaning method that is being used, the chemical must be thoroughly cleaned out. Usually, if you leave the chemical in the carpet, it will slowly eat up the strands of the carpet. This will make the carpet to wear out faster. Also, when you clean the carpet again, it will have some bit of chemical that had been used earlier. This will gradually pile up the chemicals in the strands of the carpet. For that, ensure that all the chemical has been washed out.


To avoid all the common mistakes when using a carpet cleaning chemical, you can always contact a professional. Certified cleaning company can help you avoid such mistakes and also, they will advise you on the best chemicals to use on your carpet. All in all, ensure that you know the component and the impacts of a particular chemicals before you can use it on your carpet. This will help you to save money and preserve your carpet.

Monday, 21 March 2016

How to Save Money on Office Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Do you have an office carpet that has cost you a lot of money? Or are you looking for the most cost-effective way to clean your office carpet? Typically, carpets are very expensive investments that should be treated as such. In many instances, businesses spend a lot of money in professional installation, underlay, and carpeting but forget about the most important thing which is maintenance and care. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to clean your office carpet which is not only cost effective but also saves you money. Outlined below are some best ways to save money on office carpet cleaning in Singapore

· Compare carpet cleaning service prices; you can decide to use an in-house cleaning process or hire a professional. However, before hiring an expert, compare the costs that different companies charge to do this. To get the prices, simply log into their websites and see what they will charge per square kilometers. If you already have an idea about the measurements of your office carpet you will be better placed to know what different companies charge. But in case you are not sure about the size of your home, you can use an online calculator for estimates. By doing this, you will not be surprised when you see what the companies actually charge.

· Research on the average rates in your area; typically, most professional carpet cleaning services charge 0.30 dollars per square meters. However, different companies charge different prices hence carrying out research will help you in knowing the best company to choose. This will ensure that you are not overcharged for this service. More importantly, understand the price package for each company so as not to incur any extra charge in future. Since some companies also have extra charges, inquire about them so that they do not come as a surprise.

· Do your own carpet cleaning; as a matter of fact, professional carpet cleaning can cost as much as 600 dollars but if you clean you carpet alone with a portable machine it will cost you roughly $20. This means you can be able to clean your office carpet for something below $50. Although portable cleaning machines cannot clean as deeply as the machines that the professionals have, it is a good way to save money. Nevertheless, after doing this schedule professional carpet cleaning services to be done after every two weeks.

· Move your furniture before the cleaning professional arrive; essentially, most carpet cleaning companies will charge for removing office furniture. This is why it is wise to remove your furniture yourself before they arrive. If not, instruct them to clean only the affected areas and then charge you for that. By doing this, you will be saving a lot. Most office carpets just get dirty on the traffic areas hence, you can postpone cleaning other areas if you want to save money.

· Check out for any special offers; before settling on any particular company, it is important to watch out for any special offers, discounts, or coupons that are being offered by different companies. You will realize that this is cost effective since some companies’ package can even offer you a cleaning deal that cleans your carpet one full day free of charge. While doing this, you need to be very careful about companies that have prices that are too good to be true. In fact, some of them advertise using lower prices so that they can get customers. Before hiring their services, ask them for a breakdown of costs and services so that you know what you will pay and the services that will get.

· Find out about the company’s satisfaction guarantee; any company that provides customers a satisfaction guarantee is often confident about their services. This implies that their services are good. Inquire if the company guarantees their clients and that you will get your money back in case you are not satisfied. By doing this, you will not waste time and money hiring another company if the cleaning process is not effective.

· Regularly schedule for deep steam cleaning; office carpets require regular deep steam cleaning. Forget about the common misconception that you should seldom deep clean your carpet. Leaving a lot of dirt on your carpet will eventually cause wear and tear. Since regular deep cleaning removes abrasive soil and dirt deposits you can prevent the wear and tear. Without doing this, the soil deposits will be grounded deep into your carpet because of the everyday foot traffic. It is recommended that you carry out deep cleaning by super heater water extraction method twice a year. This will is one of the best ways to save money.

There you have it, some of the best ways to save money on office carpet cleaning. By doing this, you will not only save money but you will also ensure that your office carpet lasts long.